Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Progress, or Lack Thereof

Only a Crazy Person knits while actually driving at 65 miles per hour. I am not crazy!

Half my day was spent in the car, okay 3 of my 9 working hours, so say, one-third of my day was spent in the car. As the sole occupant, I was the driver. No knitting happened.

At my destination, no knittiing also happened, or rather, knitting also did not happen, or something. Five hour meeting. But I am the group's secretary. And the recorder was absent. Must transcribe minutes. Tomorrow.

Tonight, we watched the TiVo'd Sopranos episode. Knitting happened. See?

Basic knitting on the tiny surplice sweater is done, and surprisingly, the Saucy Sport seems to either be softening from my sweaty hands, or is growing on me.

I used a 3 needle bind off to seam the sleeve/shoulder. The back neck and cuffs are on waste yarn. I'll do a ribbed cuff and an i-cord trim and call this puppy ready for the soak and spin treatment.

It's kind of cute.

And now, I must study. Things like "hot-holding" and re-serving, and timely replenishment. And Salmonella. And Campylobacteriosis.

I will never view food the same way again.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Another Day, Another Dollar

Oooo, did we get a raise?

Here's what I did yesterday: Everything on my list (taxes, haircut, soup, shower) except the brownies.

And a very little knitting:

The pattern says to mark 4 stitches for increasing. I used safety pins on those stitches. (This is where the sleeves start.)

After dinner, we watched the first two episodes of Big Love. Dudes, this HBO series makes the characters on Six Feet Under look almost normal.

I'll give it another couple episodes before passing full judgement.

And here's where I was at the end of the day.

Now it is time to read about foodborne illness, toxins and handwashing.

And get ready to go back to work.


Monday, March 27, 2006

Little Things Mean a Lot!

Today is the third day of my March 3-day.

I started the day by sleeping (or at least remaining prone) until the unheard of time of 6 a.m. Repeatedly shoving the cat (who was perched firmly on my chest) made this possible.

Today, I will:

Get a haircut, and maybe even a leetle bit of color (or not)

Go to the post office to mail some packages

Do our taxes

Clean the shower (I wonder if some of the toxic waste under the kitchen sink is really as good as the labels would have you believe.)

Make brownies

Make a big pot of bean soup

In the meantime, here's the surplice sweater -- that' s-u-r-p-l-i-c-e--Day 2.

Knitters who have made the s-u-r-p-r-i-s-e sweater will notice the difference in shaping.

The row of eyelets along the bottom edge is the expandable feature.

I am looking at a bright turquoise i-cord edging and little turquoise buttons with duckies from my gignormous button stash acquisition of a couple months ago.

Who would have thought that having another 547 buttons to choose from wouldn't have produced 10 or 15 great pairs. . . But these will be just fine. I will not buy more buttons. Nope. Not! No more. None. Use the ones I have.

I'm really starting to wish I had used any-other-yarn. Any. Even ack!

This was an experiment. Finger puppets in leftover yarn scraps. (Leftover yarn=pieces big enough to make something from. Leftover yarn scraps=less than that)

I took an idea from Knitty ("puppers") and winged (wong?) it.

Mr. Bear needs the rest of his face, but you can get the idea.

These are for a one-time-only expansion of Ship Support to "winning hearts and minds."

Recipe: Make a 16-20 stitch tube about 2.5-3" tall, draw up the top. Embellish. Use 'animal colors" or "fantasy animal colors." I used size 5 needles and worsted weight yarn. Way less than an ounce per puppet.

Now where in the heck is my embroidery floss?

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Just Sayin'

My pirate name is:

Iron Anne Kidd

A pirate's life isn't easy; it takes a tough person. That's okay with you, though, since you a tough person. Even though you're not always the traditional swaggering gallant, your steadiness and planning make you a fine, reliable pirate. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from

Whadda Ya Mean, "No Progress?"

Here's a picture of the mitone at bedtime last night. It sure does look exactly like it did yesterday. What's it to ya?

I am pleased to report that the Peruvian Collection HIghland Wool withstands repeated trips to the frog pond with good grace and humor and (so far, knock wood) does not pill.

How many trips? I lost count. But who would have expected that the pattern repeat on that "sun" part of the pattern is 5-1-5-1-9-1-5-1-10-1-5-1-9-1-5-1-5? :coff: The graph is beyond tiny.

Tiny does't even begin to describe how very small those little bitty squares are!

So I salved my soul by starting something new. (Stop pretending you are surprised!)

Little surplice sweater designed by Elizabeth Zimmerman, discovered in her papers by her daughter and published as Wool Gathering #50 (now Spun Out #43) and as a feature in Knitters 47 (Summer 1997).

I am using Reynolds Saucy Sport in sage, a real break from usual "dress no infant in pastels" mantra, but this is a sort of sophisticated pastel.

Update because of the comment left earlier today: This is not the SURPRISE sweater, it is the SURPLICE sweater! Two different patterns. Two different sweaters.

According to Meg, this pattern dates from about the same time (1968), but was discovered and published in 1994, before her mother's death, but after she became very frail.

The yarn is quite stiff. I am hoping that a good soak and spin will remove a lot of the sizing. If this isn't sizing, I'm toast! (So, I'll be back to the frog pond and will reuse the yarn to make dishcloths!) No, I didn't swatch. Why?

Saturday, March 25, 2006

It's That (Most Wonderful) Time of the Year

Yes, only 3 weeks (give or take) until April 15, so I am taking a 3-day this weekend so that I can work on the dreaded taxes.

For the first time ever, I will rely on software to guide me through.

Turbo Tax is loaded on the computer. I have all the records (I think) at my fingertips. If the commercials are to be believed, all I need to do is plug in a few numbers and the feds will mail me money.

Why do I have this uneasy feeling?

I've been working on the reunion mitones. Talk about a labor of love!

The Elann Peruvian Highland wool is wonderful to knit with, but the gauge is 32 stitches to 4"--8 stitches to the inch. That's tight!

My tension looks so very good, though. I really like the way good wool works up at small gauge.

I just have to stop every couple rounds and do something else because otherwise, I will have a serious case of "claw hands."

I'm doing the stranding "2-handed" picking the left and throwing the right to avoid the drop/throw/drop/throw motion that I would "normally" use. Even so, it's slow going. Steel Addis don't help, or do they?

And yes, that death grip (right hand) is how I have been knitting for fifty-some years.

I look forward to starting the chulo. It's made on 4s with the same yarn. The pattern calls for 2 rows of single crochet as a finishing touch. I'm thinking that 2-stitch I-cord will look better.

Update: If you skip a step (say, the one that says "increase 6 stitches evenly) you will need to rip because the pattern won't fit. Just sayin'.


Thursday, March 23, 2006


And here they are, the finished T-Minus slipper socks. You can see the short row treatment if you look carefully. (Right around the ankle area)

Have you ever seen such white skin?

Here are some odds and ends pictures (I used to post these on the first of the month or thereabouts). Sort of a "keep me honest" photo of the current UFOs.

To the left, (blue) the mitten cast on. To the right, (green) a now-finished POC block for Ship Support. (I have a new one going in a deep wine red.)

And the other baskets of goodies: the center-out blankie, the Diamond Patch sweater, the T-Minus slipper socks (now finished--see above). Not shown: the salmon silk "Branching Out" scarf.

Not much in the UFO pile at the moment, but I have plans. Oh, do I have plans!

And here's one (or is it 3?) of the "plans"-- the infamous Reunion set.

Yes, our high school colors really were canary and blue. Yes, royal blue.

:humming: True may we stand, both to you and canary and blue. (And yes, I still remember the tune!)

I am currently filling my time with this ServSafe class for "food handlers." Tonight was class #2 and I added several more foods and some handling practices to my list of never agains.

Just wait until we get to the part about "backwash." Trust me when I tell you that you do not want to know.

Is It Just Me?

Blogger won't let me upload photos :wah:

I have several to show you, Gentle Readers, includingthe pile of UFOs that grows daily.

I have cast on the Reunion Mitten and another POC square for Ship Support. The Center Out Blankie is bigger than it was. The Summer Top has another diamond. The slipper socks (T-Minus) are finished.

And I am pleased to report that I made my mammo appointment (late April was the soonest they could--are you ready?--squeeze me in) so Janice made me my very own cussword:


It's mine, all mine! And I will use it wisely!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

More Than You (or I) Wanted to Know

Yesterday, I started 18 hours of Serve Safe classes for certification in safe food handling. Here's a list of everything I will never consume again:

meat, fish, poultry, shellfish, eggs, all dairy products, tofu and other soy products, raw and cooked fruit and vegetables, sprouts, cereal and other grain products, leftovers, fresh-cooked, and water.

What's left?

Chocolate and diet soda. And crackers.

Slender City, here I come!

Finger Update: I was closing a door when someone was opening it (yes, the same door) and jammed my left ring finger. Swollen knuckle seems to be getting better. I'll put my rings back on on the weekend. Thanks for your concern, Gentle Readers.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Quick update

Here's where I left the baby blankie last night. I have 67 projects started including the mittens for the chulo and mitten set, a POC square for Ship Support, and the sippers.

I'd like to cast on a pair of Jaywalkers.

Dentist at 10:15, and I think my left ring finger might be broken. . .

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Random Thoughts

Well, Blogger photo upload is crapping, er, timing out again this morning. What's up with that? (Okay, you get what you pay for.)

I'll keep trying, but don't hold your breath!

I finished all but the seaming on the slipper pictured in yesterday's entry. It really is a cool design. Link to pattern in yesterday's entry, yarn is Cervinia Sorrento from Smiley's.

Caution: there's one (okay, 2) very obvious errors in the stitch count on the short row section. Rows 19 and 20 are each off by one stitch in the count. If you are paying any attention at all while you are kntting, it will be very obvious. Row 19 should read "K 35" and Row 20 should read "K 34."

Here's the finished short row section.

Toe is on the right.

Remember the giant mitered square I wrote about on February 18? I was planning to use up Pound of Crap sportweght with all my odd ball bits of worsted weight to make another odd ball blankie.

You will be shocked to hear that I actually did unravel the whole mess and start over. . .from the center out.

Okay, regular readers were expecting that announcement.

I'm making some nice progress (it's about 17" square at this point) and I have lots of odds and ends to work in.

In the time between writing that sentence and getting Blogger to upload these 4 pictures, I've added another band of color and started the second slipper.

I've read all of my e-mail, played about 100 games of Marble Drop and browsed half a dozen websites looking for bras.

So, time well spent, I think!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

It's been a really quiet day. No errands to run except to return last night's video and a quick trip to the Tree to put together a new employee "survival kit" for one of my staff who is moving on to greener pastures. (Good for her!)

I discovered a little earlier that a bridge (dental) is loose which means I will need to schedule a trip to the dentist ASAP.

I found new slipper patterns here. I am making the T-minus, but Grandma's Ugly Afghan Slipper Sock and Bulls Eye Short Rows Slipper Sock are in the queue as well.

So far, it doesn't look like much. This is the first attempt, though and the pattern offers several suggestions for jazzing it up. I suspect I'll be making more of these!

Here's the progress so far on Diamonds. There are 6 diamonds around (it'll be seamless) and 4 tiers high to the v-neck (or 6 if I decide to go tunic length, after determining that I have enough yarn). I've had this yarn for a while; getting more is probably not an option.

I am not making any effort to match color on the diamonds. That is, I am letting the color stripes fall where they will. The taupe base yarn will carry the day. I've been looking around for purty color tees to wear underneath.

Last night when I ripped back on the upper right diamond, it was because my stitch count left and right of the markers didn't match, Carrie, not because I dislike to color or the way the color is falling. My diamond was coming out lopsided, and since each diamond is built on the ones that came before, they all need to be identical in size and shape.

Some of us live for the weekend!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Never Surrender

Halfway up the newest diamond, I noticed that my stitches left and stitches right of the marker do not match so I frogged that diamond and started over.

On that diamond.

Email about the scarf (salmon) that I am (or was) making as a reunion prize has gone unanswered by the organizers. Figuring that they noticed I was failing to follow directions (school colors--canary and blue), I have (yet again) re-thunk and have ordered wool from Elann to make a chulo (earflap hat) and matching mittens. In canary and blue. The scarf will be mine to keep or give.

We watched The Goblet of Fire last night. It was good, but definitely not suitable (my opinion--YMMV) for little guys. Images that are graphic in print are often too graphic on the screen. But Harry lived to fight another day.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Someone took exception to being told to get the hell off my lap while I was counting yos!

I don't mind the lap sitting or lap laying, it's the lap standing that is annoying when I am trying to read e-mail, and reply and knit on Branching Out at the same time.

I can't see the screen, the keyboard, the pattern, or my knitting.

Bad Penny! No, wait, isn't that another Knitty pattern?

Maybe there's something to being an annoying cat after all!

And Cute. Don't forget cute!

As of last night, I had completed 5 diamonds. Tonight, I finished diamond #6 and started the joining.

I don't expect to post more pictures until there's something to show. For the next couple of days this will be "joined another diamond." There are 30 for the short version.

I do want to determine if I have enough yarn to make this tunic length. It's going to be close. . .

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

This Isn't the Entry

that I framed in my mind.

Two more young lives were snuffed out. The driver, who is charged with underage drinking, drug use, speeding, driving with a permit and no adult in the car, violating his curfew, and any number of other offenses, is already out of the hospital. His two passengers were buried. The car and the permit were both less than 24 hours old. He was driving so fast that the engine of the car was thrown 60 feet beyond the tree he hit. At 6:30 a.m. on a residential street.

I will post a picture of my progress on the top if Blogger will stop being pissy. Five diamonds down, one to go before I start joining them. Okay. Maybe in the morning.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Knitting Ass

With apologies to Rabbitch who called her lace shawl WIP something like "boiled ass" during the Olympics. (She's making--and selling--these nifty stitch markers. Hop on over and look, then come back. I'll wait.)

After much mulling, I settled on a project to make for the 40th (ohmygawd!) high school reunion prize pool.

Branching Out in Elann's Peruvian Collection Baby Silk (salmon) .

It was a hard decision, and I had several other scarves on the needles, including some that were boy or girl types.

But when push came to shove, alpaca and silk won. Hands down!

And on a sweaterly note, I believe I may have mentioned that, though my gauge may be just right, this sweater wasn't going to fit.

Well, thanks to the stetchiness of knit, it's very possible that I could have gotten it on, but breathing was going to be a totally different issue! And I didn't wear stuff tight even when I had the body to do that!

So I cast on more stitches and made another diamond. It's the bigger one underneath. I'll save the small one, but won't frog unless I needthe yarn.

And here it is in all it's glory.

Carrie, it's not the color I wasn't sure about (let me go on record: I love this color!). I expected the individual blocks to be square. They aren't. They're more elongated. Sort of squarish teardrops.

I think it's the stockinette rows that do that.

I figure that if I do one square a day, I can wear this top with a tee-shirt before it gets to hot, then, depending on the neckline and the arm holes (and the condition of my arms!) without the tee later into the summer.

I should be finished by mid-April.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Just Call Me Ms. Wiz!

Does anyone remember Mr. Wizard? Didn't GE sponsor that show?

This morning, a question surfaced on one of the knitting lists involving how to tell the parentage of a certain yarn of known origin but unknown fiber content.

Starting with some known quatities top to bottom:

ABM Fluffy, Red Heart Shetland Chunky, Pinguoin Pingofrance II. All have some wool, all are mostly acrylic.

Lion Brand Kool Wool. 50/50 wool/acrylic.

Bernat Baby something or other 100% acrylic.

Let the pyrotechnics begin!

Since I'm always up for a little experimentation, and somewhat of a firebug, I immediately set out to get the facts.

We all know the "burn" test (google is your friend!) that essentially says, ack will melt into a hard little ball, animal fibers will form an ash instead.

But what about blends?

Blends form a hard little ball that crumbles to ash. And smell like burning hair as they burn. At least these did.

Next up: Chemical Diversion!

The bleach test.

Drop the samples in some chlorine bleach (Clorox in this case, but store brand is just fine).

With the 100% acrylic, nothing happens.

But lookie here at the ones with some wool! See that foamy crap?

There's something going on (technical term: chemical reaction between the bleach and the wool).

It's hard to tell from the photo, but the Fluffy and the Shetland Chunky seemed to be generating the most foam. I chalk that up to the hairiness of the strands (more surface, more reaction).

And post-experiment, the Kool Wool was thinner than the control strand (the one that didn't get dipped).

This is after about an hour in the bleach. Untreated strand on top.

100% wool will dissolve completely in bleach. Heads up: don't bleach your woolies! (At least not with chlorine bleach.)

Class dismissed!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

You Just Know

Sometimes, fate deals you a hand you'd like to throw back.

Such was the case when Skacel "new and improved" their larger size Addi Turbos a few years back. They replaced the cord with some plastic tubing shit that grabbed and stuck and tugged at every stinkin' yarn it got near.

I was among the fortunate few who got these puppies before they came to their senses and went back to "old and reliable." I say "fortunate" because I bought (sight unseen via the Internet) only one, a 40" size 11.

I hate, despise, loathe and detest it!

This afternoon, while I was car-knitting (The Other Half was driving), it broke!

I would happy dance, but the big yellow blankie was OTN at the time!

No stitches were lost.

The knitting of the yellow mitered blankie came to an abrupt halt around 2 when it was

As soon as I arrived home (where other, shorter, 11s were available) I finished the round and off I bound. (Sorry!)

It's about 28" X 40". Not as big as I wanted, but I was running out of yarn anyway, so what the hell!

Friday, March 10, 2006

The end of last week was brutal, so there was knitting but not much (wait, no, none, nada) in the way of blogging.

I tried something different in car knitting and discovered that garter-in-the-round doesn't compute with a commute as well as stockinette.

But I finished 3 pieces for the April Ship Support mailing and called it "good enough." I am not satisfied with any of these. I hate the pattern I used for the slippers on the left. I need to find "Old Faithful." It's here somewhere.

I cast on the Diamond Patch Sweater, and though I really love the way the yarn (Filatura di Crosta Sarah) shades, I do not like the way it miters. I'm not sure if it's the pattern (not straight garter, but some stockinette thrown in) or the yarn (cotton, ack, and nylon). In any event, this is my gauge swatch and I need to make it bigger because it elongated and isn't wide enough. (Sweater size is determined by the size/width of the individual squares/diamonds.) Fortunately, the designer (Jill Vosburg) allowed for that contingency in the pattern. I will be casting on more stitches.

And in case that doesn't work out, I have a back-up plan! It's all mitered squares set horizontal. I'd make it 1) as a pullover and 2) all in the same yarn.

(Pattern from Knitting With Bits and Pieces from House of White Birches)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Baby Sweaters and Other Answers

Jane asked about favorite baby sweater patterns.

I like the Babies and Bears and the Infant's Hooded Cardigan (from More Projects for the Community and Family) both by Cottage Creations. Both can be made in worsted weight for relatively quick baby shower gifts. (Babies and Bears offers options, by changing yarn weight and needle size, for newborn through 36 month, and there's also an adult version!)

But Jane really wanted to know about fingering (sock yarn) weight. I love Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Sweater on Two Needles; Practically Seamless, the February offering in Knitter's Almanac. It starts at the neck, and is worked downward with gull stitch panels. So pretty. Color makes it "boy" or "girl." (I like white (cream) or red, or a good strong blue. Kelly green is good, too!)

This one calls for "double knitting/sport" yarn, whatever that is, and size 3 needles. A heavier sock weight (Koigu, anyone?) perhaps.

This one also calls for "sport" yarn, but includes directions for using "baby" weight.

And this one by the same designer (Carole Barenys) just calls for stripes and little stranded motifs or flowers embroidered on! Call it a canvas!

I also like enjoyed making the Baby Bear "poncho" from IK (Summer 2001). It was, in fact, the first baby sweater I made in sock wool. (It's sort of a-line, more a poncho-with-sleeves.) Check the October 2004 archives for pictures in progress. Blogger won't let me drop one in tonight.

Sorcha and Carrie both commented about the stash. I challenge you both to dig all of yours out and pile it in one room. Then you can start to catalog! And, like me, you will make rules so you don't seem quite so totally cracked. You'll know you are off the deep end when you have 4 separate spreadsheets so that you can sort by gauge, yardage, and fiber. The 4th? That's in alphabetical order by manufacturer. Me? Obsessive? Only a little.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Time For Something Different

After the excitement of Olympic Knitting, it was sort of hard to get back to the dipsh*t stuff that is the "white bread" of my knitting. But, of course, I did.

Ship Support needs stuff every month as the military rotates the soldiers and sailors in and out of "the Sandbox."

Summer will be there before we know it. In fact, it's already 78 (today) in Doha, and 80 in Baghdad. Not so many hats needed then. It's time for the seamstresses to start making "cool ties."

And this will be my last hat until fall.

Slippers, though, are welcome year 'round, so I broke out this classic pattern and started a pair.

I need to find another pattern once I finish #2, because these are truly not doing anything for me.

I like to make stuff that looks good and feels good in addition to being functional. One out of 3 isn't good enough!

And just because it's almost summer (and I'm not in a yarn-buying mode at the moment), I started going through the "summer yarn stash" and found this nicely aged Filatura di Crosta "Sarah."

It's mostly cotton with some Ack and nylon, so it should make up nicely. Worsted weight. Size 7s. (After a 3-week battle with 3s, I'm ready!)

I found this pattern in the pattern stash: Just One More Row "Diamond Patch Sweater." Wouldn't it be cute over a little tee?

Or the long-sleeve "San Francisco Shirttail," but Im thinking that I have a nice cranberry cotton for that one.

Decisions, decisions.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

It's Not Eleven

but here's the film:

In real life, the colors are much more vivid.

Confessions Are Good For the Soul

Every month, on the 5th, I update my Yarn Countdown (see sidebar -- read 'em and weep). This month is no different, but the totals are somewhat upsetting. They are going up, not coming down!

Clearly, I should give up buying yarn for Lent. (Right! The last time I gave up something for Lent I was in 6th grade. And the fast lasted about as long as my New Year's Resolutions!)

Not that I need to explain to anyone but Visa, I feel that some sort of explanation is probably in order.

I revised my amounts of Cervinia Sorrento (the ack that I use for "community knitting") downward. I now can count only 31 balls of 100% ack in the countable stash. That's still a lot, about a 4 month supply.

I eliminated the ABM Fluffy. Five huge balls of wool/ack that are being knitted up as we speak. There's less than 1/2 ball total left and the project (Big Yellow Baby Blankie) is nearly complete. My rules allow me to remove any ball of yarn that I've "broken" from the spread sheet.

Okay, so why did the total increase so dramatically? Simple:

The Leftover Kool Wool is now "stash." That's 25 balls (so, I overbought a little!) and nearly a mile (1500 yards).

I bought this month. Yep. Some Noro Kureyon, some Southwest Trading Company Optimum, and some Filatura Di Crosta Diwa. All are planned projects, and by my rules should not be stashed--yet. That's a mile and a quarter and all "good stuff."

Some other stuff I bought early in the month is now added to the stash (sock yarns, mostly).

And speaking of sock yarn, I counted 71 balls! That's particularly scary until I clarify that I use sock wool for some of my "baby knitting." Little sweaters look and feel so much more cozy in wool, and sock wool can be abused without felting/fulling and shrinking.

Work continues on the Koigu (which was not spreadsheeted--is that a word?) since I am using up several "broken balls." Film at 11.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Cold Day In


Yesterday's weather (and Thursday's) was to be expected. After all, we've had snowfalls of over a foot on St. Patrick's Day (March 17). So a wintery mix followed by a blustery day was nothing out of the ordinary.

Mother Nature's failure to raise the temperature much above freezing, however, left shady places (sidewalks, parking lots, the street in front of my house, the path to the blasted garbage can ) a solid shiny sheet of ice.

But I pulled on another pair of warm, wooly handmade socks and ventured out with the Other Half in search of spring.

The Lehigh Valley Garden Show will never rival the one in Philadelphia. But it's a lot closer and at $7 admission, a lot cheaper (Philly's is $24, I believe).

We got to see some new garden ideas, reminding ourselves that the very pretty fountains and pools we saw are a lot less pretty when the water is green and sludgy in July. Been there, done that, finally gave away the fish and the plants and packed up the "pond."

Looked at some cute garden ornaments, reminding ourselves that once away from all this ambience, they will look every bit as schlocky as they are.

Saved a bunch of money!

Coming home, some moron in an SUV (with a cell phone plastered to his ear) pulled out and nearly got our front end in his driver's side door. There's a 3-day wait for a gun in this state. What about sledge hammers?

Meanwhile, back at the Koigu ranch, when I reached the 100 stitch point (round 22) I switched from double points to my circular and put in some stitch markers at the four corners. The safety pin marking the beginning of the round has been there all along. I need the tactile reminder!

For those new to the technique who are following along, the easiest, safest, and most efficient way to "switch to" another needle, whether it's a different size, type, or length, is to just let go of the needle in your right hand and pick up the new one. Continue knitting. Make sense? No need to slide those stitches any old place and risk dropping one or twisting them.

And now, I am at the end of the openwork patterning in my square. If I stretched it out flat, it would be 8" (center to needle is exactly 4") and you'd be able to actually see the openwork. That means that I need an additional inch on each edge.

I am back in planning mode. I'd like at least 2 more rounds of stockinette stitch (to set off the "candles") before I edge it.

So, about 3/4" of garter or seed stitch. Because I will still need to increase at the markers, I fear that seed stitch won't do.

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