Thursday, January 31, 2008

Eggplant Buttons

After several false starts, some of them involving fair isle, I finally settled in to make a newborn-size sweater for the Tiny Prince of Wails. (That would not be unlike the false starts--several--that I made on this particular blog post!)

I wanted more than one color. That was a given. The collar and cuffs in contrasting yarn would have to suffice.

Yarn is superwash wool (Berella Country Garden--aubergine-- and Filatura di Crosa 501--lime). Pattern can be found here for free.

I made the non-hooded version (well, duh!) and knit the garter stitch portions in contrasting yarn.

Here you can see it modeled on a mis-proportioned doll. It fits the doll and it will fit the Tiny Prince for a very short period of time.

He's growing like a weed, you know.

I originally planned to use a pair of little purple and green buttons shaped like eggplants (thus the title of this episode) but I changed my mind. (No, it doesn't work one bit better than it did!)

So, what did I substitute for the veggie buttons?

I love this one!

I had only the one, so I made best use of it. The point is to keep the sweater from falling off. I'm pretty sure that the mousie will accomplish that.

And besides, it's really, really cute!

I would love to keep typing, but I am falling into myself from exhaustion.

TGIAF ("a" being for "almost").


Monday, January 28, 2008

Slightly Damp, Smelling of Puke*

. . .and deaf in my left ear.

What a great vacation!

Did you miss me?

Yes, I really have been gone for a whole week. I thought briefly about remote blogging sans photos. I checked my work email on Tuesday, saw I had a major report due this Friday, then closed up the Not-So-New Daughter In Law's laptop and forgot all about work, the Intertubes, and everything!

Wow! That's a first for me.

I did a little knitting (not much). Evidence to the left (over there). That's Koigu Merino (the handpainted stuff) in (probably) color 444.

We shall refer to these sockies as "Rowan's $12 Socks." Then we shall never speak of that again (certainly not in front of Daddy or Daddo, at least).

There was another pair in Emu Superwash (very, very red --and other colors). There is no picture. Live with it!

I believe I will be making a few more pairs for the Tiny Prince of Wails. Barefoot season is still months away!

And here they are on his skinny little legs.

Fact is, the foot fits. (The kid has big feets!)

The leg, however. . .Kneesocks, anyone?

I spent the week holding the little guy, feeding, burping (him, not me!) and generally playing the World's Best Mammo while his Mama sorted through stuff and attempted to organize all the stuff that was just moved into the new house.

Can you imagine: new house, new baby, and husband called to active duty, all in about 6 weeks?

And not going crazy?

Me, either!

But here's the guy that keeps us grounded.

How could anyone be nuts with that sweet little guy?

He is two and a half months old now. (Someone said that a sign of maturity is dropping the "and a half" from your age.)

And it will be a while before I see him in person again.

This is me. Being sad.

Being back at work will do that to ya!

Yes, that's Koigu on his little head, too. The hat was a bonus. $12 socks and a free hat!

*And I wasn't even drinking!

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hop. Hop, Hop

If you are knitting for a cherished baby, particularly if he's a winter baby, don't listen to the voices telling you "babies grow so fast" and "make it big enough to wear next winter."

Fact is, winter babies can't be swaddled 24/7. Winter babies need sweaters that fit!

So, rather than cast on for the spring sweater season, I followed my gut and Daddy's desire for "something easy to get on" the Tiny Prince of Wails and cast on this Bunny Hop Side Wrap Kimono this morning.

I don't have the Crystal Palace yarn called for in the pattern. As much as I love angora, it doesn't love me (itchy eyes, runny nose, gignormous screaming red welts), so I cast on in the On-Line Linie 121 Summertime that I mentioned in the last post. (Did I also mention that I bought 4 bags of this stuff in one of the full bag blow-outs last summer?)

It was always intended to be baby things. It's incredibly soft and mooshy. The fabric resembles French Terry.

I have 2 bags (20 balls) of lemon and a bag each (another 20 balls) of midnight (navy) and grenadine (red-orange) that I was am hoping to make into at least one little "bubble suit" and matching jacket. That will have to wait, though. This Rowan-skin will have to be knit soon now!

Car knitting, here I come!

I will be blogging sporadically over the next week. I don't expect there will be pictures (I'll post a lot of them when I return).


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Shopping the Stash

It's hard work shopping for new clothes! Makes a fellow really tired.

This morning, while everyone else was sleeping or eating breakfast, Mammo and Rowan shopped for a new Rowan-skin.

We selected a lovely "green" cotton (Knit One, Crochet Too 2nd Time Cotton from Webs) and an easy to wear hoodie cardigan pattern, because lord knows, the Tiny Prince of Wails hates a pullover!

Daddy picked a nice wrap sweater pattern, too. I think I'll use the OnLine Linie Summertime (yellow and navy) that I bought by the bag at for that!

And it's time to cast on!

Sparky the Bob-tailed Wonder Cat has gotten over her little fit of green eyes and is now in serious distress when the Tiny Prince, you know, wails. I don't know if she thinks he's a kitten in trouble of if the high pitched cries hurt her ears. It matters not.

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On the Hoof

Only so to speak. . .

Baby Rowan is visiting this weekend and so he got to try on his wee moccasins.

They fit. Momentarily!

The little guy has very long feet. Narrow.

So the next pair will be longer and will have braided ties to hold them on.

Blogging will be sporadic for the next week. I'm off to play Mammo at the kids' house.



Friday, January 18, 2008

Picture Dropping

This has been The week From Hell, but the weekend is looking better.

Just dropping by to upload the photo of this week's FOs--this time for Ship Support.

More later.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Day After Caterday

The Sheepie Household has been taken over by cattly toys.

Sparky got Undercover Mouse for Christmas. She spent the last 2+ weeks trying to decide what she thinks of it.

It rustles. It moves. It makes a funny noise.

Yesterday, she got a little closer and by George, I think she likes it!

See that feathery thing in the lower left corner? It "runs" around the yellow circle in fits and starts, just like a real mouse.

Sort of.

Or like Bed Mice.

I have a confession to make.

The Magical Moccasins are the creation of the wonderful colorist who also wrote the book (eyes left) that I got last week.

This book is terrific. There's nothing else I can say!

I will probably never knit any of the 27 projects, but I am truly inspired to break out of my brown/gray/ beige color scheme and knit something full of fantastic colors.

Oh. wait! Moccasins!

I am looking forward to curling up with Kristin Knits!

I got this, too, because, you know, free shipping if you spend $25.

It's inspiring in a different way and I'm pretty sure that I will cast on more than a few of the projects to use up odd balls of yarn.

Probably for the reservation.

And for gifts.

And for me! Just like they are written. Imagine!

I will say, though that I consider it a bit "cheaty" when some of the single skeins are 300+ meters of Worsted Weight.

And what would Caterday be without a little shopping expedition?

We hit Borders (not very hard; we like them, after all) because there was a rumor that this was a particularly excellent issue of Piecework.

It is, oh, it is.

All knitting! The entire thing! It's a skinny one (48 pages, only, and $5.99) but worth it. So worth it!.

Rovaniemi Mittens (and mitts), Poetry Mittens (the ones with the verse knitted in), a lovely Estonian scarf, Lithuanian baby mittens, a pair of men's gloves, and an Ann Budd sweater.

Lots that I might actually make!

Then, these were these calling my name.

British, all of them. Sealed in plastic. Hmmm.

But I had it on good authority that Simply Knitting had a pattern for Shaun the Sheep. I should have paid closer attention.

Shaun made his appearance in the December issue. This is January's! ::poop::

The issue of Simply Knitting was disappointing on a number of levels, besides the non-Shaun. Clearly, the "best" patterns were featured in the ads. Patterns in this issue included a Rowan Big Wool jacket, A kid's "argyle" vest with "wings" where the armholes belong, a Louisa Harding cardigan shown off-the- shoulder on the model, a pillow, some Barbie clothes (the Alan Dart pattern for this issue), a knitted wire necklace that looks for all the world like a lacy version of a spiked bulldog collar,a crochet shopping bag, and a pair of socks. There was a set of yarn/sheep-themed postcards to make up for some of the disappointment. It didn't.

Knitting, on the other hand, started off with three cardigans (one I might knit) and a lacy tunic. Of course, there were the lacy leggings that made me scratch my head and vow "never!, a knit beaded choker, a big square floor cushion and a ruffled tea cozy that is not on my to-do list. There are a cute, well-fitting vest (dk weight fair isle with proper armholes) and a tunic length "jumper" for kids, 2 pairs of socks--one kid size, one for adults, 4 Christmas stockings. There was a "Gift Supplement" that include patterns for knee socks (Joan McGowan-Michael), slippers (Erika Knight), a lovely beaded evening bag, and a hat, glove, scarf set.

Clearly, at least to me, Knitting is a better value than Simply Knitting.

I will leave it to all of you to decide which makes sense for you (or maybe neither will), but get the Piecework, or at least look through it. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Now the Hard Part

Quick. Before Second Slipper Syndrome kicks in! Make another one just like the other one. (For lots of knitters, this is the hardest part of all!)

This is my first one. All done except that I will either weave in the cuff ends or braid them. (Braid, I think.)

Oh, and finish the other one I've already started, of course.

Here's the scoop for other sizes cast on length/length of garter heel section/length from cast on edge to beginning of decreases (finished length)*:

Infant 4"/1.5"/2.5" (4")

Child 5"/2.5"/4" (5.5")

Large Child/Teen 6"/3.5"/5" (7")

Woman's Average 8"/4"/6" (8.5") This is my sample size.

Man's Large 11"/5.5"/7" correction!!! 9" (11")

*If you have a real person in mind, by all means, measure and use those measurements! Remember that the decrease section (toe) will be 1.5-2.5" long depending on your repeat.

To make an eyelet round (for threading a cord) after a couple of garter rounds, k 2 together, yo around (on baby size) or k1, k2 together, yo, or even k2, k2 together, yo. You can control how many eyelets and how far apart they are. You will want an even number of holes! Use i-cord or a chained crochet cord. Or you could braid a cord using all of the colors. Thread it through the holes and tie in a bow.

To make a bobbled edge: On a multiple of 3 or 4 stitches, bind off 2 (3) preferably in purl, in the next stitch, knit 5 (or k 1, yo, k1, yo, k1), turn, k 5 (the 5 stitches you made from the 1), turn, purl 5, turn, knit 5, then slip the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th stitch over the first stitch (decreased back to 1 stitch), turn and bind off this stitch in purl. Slip the remaining stitch back to the right hand needle. Repeat all the way around.

Another interesting (kind of wavy without the bobbles--a bit more manly) edge: On a multiple of 3 or 4 stitches, bind off 2 (3) preferably in purl, in the next stitch, knit 5 (or k 1, yo, k1, yo, k1), then slip the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th stitch over the first stitch (decreased back to 1 stitch), turn and bind off this stitch in purl. Slip the remaining stitch back to the right hand needle. Repeat all the way around.


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Big Finish

Okay, you've decreased your toe and finished it off.

What's next?

Why, you need to seam up the heel.

Carefully stitch a back seam using any finish you like. (I sort of carefully whipped that seam together.) You can whip stitch, mattress stitch, slip stitch with a crochet hook. Just make sure that the seam is smooth. Otherwise, it won't be comfortable for your victim intended recipient.

Okay, time to try it on.

Remember that I told you the garter stitch would be stretchy? It is!

Time to decide.

Do you like the slipper with no cuff (eyes left).

It's actually pretty comfortable that way, but it's likely to be a little floppy.

I decided that a cuff was in order.

Cuff options: Ribbing. 1X1 will pull in, 2X2, not so much.

Corrugated ribbing (see my comments on a previous entry). This is so not an option as far as I am concerned.

Garter stitch? Maybe.

An eyelet round is good for little kid slippers to hold them on. (You'll need a string.)

Okay, I've decided that there will be a cuff. If this is your choice, pick up stitches around the top opening, 1 stitch per garter ridge and one for each cast on stitch.

If you are going to rib, you will want an appropriate number of stitches (multiple of 2 or 4). If you've chosen garter, anything goes.

If you're going to bobble, a multiple of 3 or 4 works well. You could probably also use a 5-stitch repeat.

Pick up that first round. If you are garter stitching, you'll knit and purl alternating rounds. Use some different colors (at least 3) that you've used in the foot. I'll be doing 3 garter rounds on these.

See you back here tomorrow for approximate measurements for other sizes (in case you don't have a little kid to measure) and recipes for bobbles and eyelets.


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Knit Along With Me

Okay, night #2.

When your stripey heel part is as long as you need it (4" in my example for my personal foot), you will need to add a couple of stitches at the end of the last row (after you complete the wrong side row, either knit 2 or 4 more stitches onto the end of the row, or use an e cast on to add the stitches). This is the front of the foot part.

Cut the yarn leaving a tail about 6".

Tricky part coming up:

Divide the stitches somewhat evenly onto 3 double pointed needles.

You want the new cast on stitches in the center of the second needle. The beginning of the round is at the center of your original stripy part.
Attach a new color at the beginning of the round (bottom of the foot--that way any messy round joining things that you do will be on the walked on part, not the side or top.

Clever, no?

Find some patterny things that you can live with that divide evenly into the number of stitches you have and go to town with colors and such.

Have fun with this part!

I had 52 stitches. My first band was evenly divisible (4 stitches wide). The second one was 10 stitches wide, so I chose to knit the 2 extra stitches in the background color and "hide them" on the bottom of the foot.

(If I hadn't told you, you'd have never known!)

Keep knitting in bands of pattern until the moc is about 2" shorter than you want your finished slipper. Remember that garter stitch is v-e-r-y s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y so don't get carried away with the length!

Switch colors one more time and begin the toe decreases.

First round, decrease until you have an even multiple of 8, 9, or 10. (I decreased 2 stitches to get to 50.)

Then, decrease every row by knitting 2 less than your multiple (in my case 10-2 or 8) then knit 2 together. Repeat to the end of the round. Next round, knit 1 stitch less (7 in my case) before the knit 2 together. Keep going until you have 2 stitches left for each decreases set.

Cut the yarn with a 12" tail, thread a blunt needle, draw up the stitches and fasten off.

Weave your ends in and meet me back here tomorrow!

Sparky would like her fans to know that the medicine made her sick and so she got new medicine from her real vet.

And she met a puppy there.

And she's staying right here until she feels better.

Or forever, whichever comes first.

Could you turn out the light, please. It's in her eyes.

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Monday, January 07, 2008

Shall We Knit-A-Long?

For those of you who have expressed interest in learning how these moccasins are made, I am deconstructing the pattern and providing insights so that you can make your own.

It really isn't difficult.

If you'd like to knit along with me, please do.

You'll need several colors of worsted weight ack or wool or a blend. Cotton might work, but it won't be as warm. It's helpful if you have the ball band for at least one color, because it will give you a starting point for gauge. No matter what the suggested needle size, go down, down, down. My ball band says 17 stitches to 4" on size 8s. I'm shooting for 5.5-6 stitches to the inch and I'm using 5s.

You'll need straight needles and double points in the same size.

You will need:

A tape measure to measure the foot of your victim intended recipient.

Measure first, the distance from the middle of your inner ankle bone, down across the bottom of your heel, to the middle of your outer ankle bone.

Write down that number. (8)

Multiply that number by the stitches per inch you are aiming for (mine=6 so 8X6=48)

Cast on that many stitches loosely.

Then, to determine how long to make the stripey heel portion of your moccasin, measure again.

This time, from the middle of the back of the victim's heel across the middle of the ankle bone (not where the tape is showing in the photo! Up higher!!) to almost the center of the front of the foot.

That is how long you will be knitting the heel portion of the moccasin.

Decide what colors (as many as you want, but at least 2) to make the heel, and start garter stitching flat (knit every row.

Don't join yet. Don't slip the first stitch of the row, tempting as it is. That edge will be covered and the slip stitch will cause you grief down the road.

If you get to the end of your knitting, grab another pair of needles (same size) and start your second moc.

We'll come back to this KAL tomorrow, I promise with the join and knit in rounds.

Polish up your double points, you'll need them in the next step.


Sunday, January 06, 2008

Six Hours I'll Never Get Back

I realized early this morning that Sparky the Bob-tailed Wonder Cat was experiencing familiar, shall we say, "symptoms" that I won't bother to describe here, but will say involved cleaning that I had not intended to do with products designed to sanitize and neutralize.

I called the vet.

Hello! It's Sunday. But they refer to a "service" that shall hereafter be refered to as The Vet From Hell and Back (TVFH&B). I called.

It's a "walk in" (not unlike the place I get my hair cut, but only in that one respect).

It's a walk in and wait. And Wait. And Wait.

Because I had confidence in the perky little thing that took my call, the Other Half and I bundled Sparky up, did not gather books, or knitting, or even the ads from the local paper, and trucked her 45 minutes to TVFH&B, signed in, put a sizeable deposit down (yes, before we ever saw and semblance of veterinary care) and waited. In a big room with lots of large ailing dogs (she was the only cat in the place) peeing on things ("Wet clean up up front") and a totally out-of-control small boy who I would have stabbed had I thought to bring needles.

And we waited.

Let me say that the perky thing at the front desk told me that there was "about an hour's wait" when we signed in at 11:25 in the a.

At 5:50 in the p, we were back in the car heading home.

In between, we sat in the waiting room for over 2 hours and in a 10'X 12' "examining room for over 3 hours where we saw the vet for a total of 3 minutes and two techs for about 5 minutes total.

Sparky endured the indignity of No Litter Pan that entire time, the screeching of the totally out-of-control small boy, the dogs. We endured the Lack of Coffee, Lack of Water, Missed Lunch.

And then they gave us the bill that amounted to fully Three Times the sizeable deposit. Thank the FSM for Visa! They drew blood. Tried to get some pee to analyze (had they popped into the examining room a few minutes sooner, they could have collected a specimen right off the Other Hald's lap. Or the floor!) Took x-rays. Dispensed 28 pills. Baytril. That the perky little thing initially told me were "benedryl."

Like I said, six hours I will never get back!

We are all glad to be home.

Before we left, I finished these cuties. They are for The Tiny Prince of Wails. Wool. Washable. Filatura di Crosa 501.

I redid the cuffs a couple of times then settled for the bobbles that you see on the left.

I needed the cuffs to be snug but not pain inducing. The higher cuff was just too tight.

Coming soon: tutorial on these cute little slippers.

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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Put Your Best Food Forward

Blog readers responded so remarkably to the Mittnz Challenge that I thought I'd offer the opportunity to Do A Good Thing during the winter.

The Native American Support group will be having it's annual Heet the Feet (is there an echo in here?) blitz during February. Another member is organizing this effort.

The idea is to provide new slippers, booties, socks, tights, pantyhose etc. in quantity to keep feet warm. They are also sending gently used shoes and boots. Socks, slippers, and booties can be handmade or purchased.

There will be prizes! There will be prizes for members of the group who send their stuff between February 1 and 29 (so join the group to get in on these) for one random Member Who Mailed, for the Person Sending the Largest Number of Handmade Socks, Slippers, and/or Booties, and ::drumroll:: People's Choice Award for the cutest/coolest/most wonderful pair.

Since I know that not everyone who reads here wants to join Yet Another Group, how 'bout we do the People's Choice thing here, too?

Blog Readers will have a chance at Yet Another Fabulous Prize?

Here are the rules:

1) Knit or buy foot covers for the Reservation, now through the end of February.

2) Send me a photo of your Very Best Pair of Foot Covers. They can be hand made or purchased, but only one entry per person, so photograph the cutest, or wildest, or funniest, or funnest. (Send to the photo to with Heet The Feet Entry in the subject line.)

3) Mail that pair (and any others you've made or bought) to the Reservation by February 29. I'd love to hear how many (total) you send (and any other warm things you might choose to send). Only socks, slippers, booties will be judged for this Challenge, though.

On March 1 (or thereabouts) I will post the pictures and call for People's Choice votes right here at Sheep Shots.

A fabulous fiber-related prize will be awarded to the sock/slipper/bootie knitter/crocheter who garners the most votes. Note: you can enter a picture of ones you've bought, or ones you've made, but only one picture per person.

If you're not inclined to make them, all the stores have piles of slippersocks on clearance now that Christmas is over.

I found these cuties at the grocery store yesterday for a dollar!

The bear heads are stuffed. There are skid-proof dots on the bottoms. They'll delight someone and keep her (assuming here) feet toasty.

So, what can you find and mail? What can you knit and mail?

(The moccasin at the top of this entry is my second pair. I really am loving this stashbuster!)

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Friday, January 04, 2008

Wax On, Wax Off

If you are looking for pictures, this isn't the place. Just saying.

Please allow me to wax philiosophical for a moment.

Tuesday this week was a holiday. (It was last week, too, if anyone checked the calendar.) That means that we had Monday on Monday (Monday being the Day From Hell each week), and we had another Monday on Wednesday. We didn't get Hump Day (Wednesday) until Thursday.

No wonder I am so wiped out!

Whoever decided (in the US, and perhaps elsewhere, like in our Neighbor To the North) that holidays should occur on Mondays was onto something.


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Fitting Start To a New Year

Look what I found in the yarn basket (the one full of acrylic stuff that I use for knitting for the Shop of Mom) and for the charities that want that sort of thing)!

I vaguely remember casting this sweater from f. pea's free pattern fridays site. Scroll down. This one is called Super-Natural Stripes.

I didn't use the natural fiber the pattern calls for, but rather, three shades of Red Heart.

Here's the single button.

It and the crocheted loop were all that kept this sweater from being a 2007 FO!

I made quick work of the loop. It took longer to decide on a button and to sew it on.

Everyone should have a project like this waiting in the wings. It gets the new year off to a rousing start, finishing-wise.

And here are the Baby Mocs I started last night.

Yep, they're finished, too! January 1 and I have 2 FOs under my belt already! W00T!

Okay, a quick rundown of these babies. Look at that cute little braid. That's Kristin Nicholas' way of dealing with some of the loose ends. I gotta say: I like it! Really, really like it!

The corrugated rib (the vertical red and dark at the cuff), not so much.

I have always felt sort of lukewarm on this particular color work. I am so glad that I tried it out on something tiny (6 rows, 28 stitches X 2) rather than a me-size sweater in shetland-weight wool!

That said, these mocassins are a hoot to look at and a lot more fun to knit than the Girl Scouts Slipper pattern. I see a lot of them in my (near) future. There are dozens of variations on this basic theme and none of them have to involve corrugated ribbing.

Did I mention that there's a Challenge? How could I drop that ball?

February Challenge for Cheyenne River is Heet the Feet (misspelling deliberate). The Native American Support group will be sending slippers, socks, tights, shoes, boots, booties et al to the reservation during February.

Are you a sock knitter? Do you like to make slippers?

Join the fun!

You can join the group or just knit and send. (Email me at for a mailing address if you decide not to join the group.)

Okay, now Sparky says:

Do something good for a furry friend. Go here and read about her virtual (never met in real life, Phoebe's a dawg for lord's sake!) friend who is down on her luck. Toss a little something her way, please. And if you can't make a money donation, think a good thought for Phoebe and her Master.


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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Resolving to Resolve, Resolutely

Let's start the morning off, shall we, with a parade of the UFOs:

I had intended to spend the evening (last) ringing in the new year, and finishing up at least one UFO. That one (eyes left) has been languishing since I decided in August that it would not be completed in time for competition in the 2007 fair.

Yes, it's the Mr. and Mrs. Santa, knit. All of the knitting is done. What remains is the sewing and weaving. And only on Mr. And there it sits. Really must!

Let's call it my first entry for the 2008 fair, shall we?

Next up is the Bear Claw Blankie. It's been On The Needles even longer than the Clauses.

This is really pretty and soon will be absolutely useless for the Tiny Prince of Wails. It's small. Like to tuck around a stroller- or carseat-bound not-terribly-mobile infant.

I fear that Master Rowan will be very mobile and Bound By Nothing before I finish it.

Too much work to frog. Too much snipping of yarn ends to recycle the yarn, as well. Press on. There will be other babies needing gifties.

And it can be entry #2.

Car Knitting. Long-wise garter stitch scarf. Wooly yarn, thin, size 6 needles providing suitable drape.

I think this is weaving yarn or something. I did the bleach test and about 85% of the yarn disintegrated. What was left crumbled between my fingers. Wool and nylon, perhaps? Scratchy as all get out.

I am hoping to 1) use up this yarn and 2) wash and condition it into softness.

Pray for me. I have no earthly udea where this one will end up. Hair shirt?

Last FO of 2007. For the Reservation. The ubiquitous Girl Scout Slipper (or a variation thereof). Admit it, you made these by the dozen for friends and family the first Christmas after you learned to knit.

I hate these!

And now, for something a little jazzier! Pattern I have stashed forever (got it from a bunch of years ago and decided to give it and all that yarn that Mary sent me a whirl).

The pattern suggests starting with the baby size to "get a feel for the gauge" (I am doing that). It also suggests using a wool/mohair blend (Classic Elite Tapestry--I am not doing that).

I still need to do cuffs to finish these off. I think they are kind of sweet!

I'm using a combination of acrylic yarns: the purple is Caron Sayelle, the red is Patons Canadiana, the others are Red Heart. I'm using size 4 dpns for a firm fabric.

And Now For The Resolutions: I have dubbed my personal Yarn Control System "One in, 2 out" because, folks, my yarn habit is Out Of Control. I ended 2007 with slightly less yarn than I started (that's the yarn I acknowledge--the stuff I acquire for "community" knitting isn't counted in there).

In a private conversation about "stash dieting," a friend pointed out something to me that I hadn't really considered before (okay, I had, but she put it into words better than I): "If we buy food and then just let it rot so that the grocery stores will stay in business, it's false economics. Nobody would think of doing that." (Well, actually, I knew someone once who did that. When he died, there was so much food in his house that it was shameful. And yes, it was donated, but some of it was so old that it should have been thrown away years before--but I digress. Besides, I don't think he was trying to keep BJ's in business. He just liked to shop. And hoard food.)

To each her own as far as yarn buying goes.

I, personally, will be bit more conservative in my yarn buying. I will continue to be ultra-liberal in my politics, however.

I'd like to get my stash confined to the cubes I have (and maybe the 3 more that I still have to assemble).

I'd like to knit up (enjoy, IOW) the wonderful yarns I already have stashed.

I'd like to share (i.e. give away, donate, sell) the yarns that I no longer consider wonderful.

And I'd like to lose 25 pounds.

None of these resolutions will come easy.

I absolutely will attempt entrelac this year. I possibly might try spinning.

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