Thursday, January 31, 2008

Eggplant Buttons

After several false starts, some of them involving fair isle, I finally settled in to make a newborn-size sweater for the Tiny Prince of Wails. (That would not be unlike the false starts--several--that I made on this particular blog post!)

I wanted more than one color. That was a given. The collar and cuffs in contrasting yarn would have to suffice.

Yarn is superwash wool (Berella Country Garden--aubergine-- and Filatura di Crosa 501--lime). Pattern can be found here for free.

I made the non-hooded version (well, duh!) and knit the garter stitch portions in contrasting yarn.

Here you can see it modeled on a mis-proportioned doll. It fits the doll and it will fit the Tiny Prince for a very short period of time.

He's growing like a weed, you know.

I originally planned to use a pair of little purple and green buttons shaped like eggplants (thus the title of this episode) but I changed my mind. (No, it doesn't work one bit better than it did!)

So, what did I substitute for the veggie buttons?

I love this one!

I had only the one, so I made best use of it. The point is to keep the sweater from falling off. I'm pretty sure that the mousie will accomplish that.

And besides, it's really, really cute!

I would love to keep typing, but I am falling into myself from exhaustion.

TGIAF ("a" being for "almost").


You always come up with new ways to make this pattern look fabulous! I hope you send photos to Knitting Pure & Simple, so that they will send you a free pattern of your choice.

Great looking sweater. The button is suitably adorable for the Tiny Prince. May he wear the sweater in the best of health!
I'm knitting that same pattern in a green/blue/yellow variegated cotton and it's working up so pretty. I made the front bands five stitches instead of four and plan to put maybe three buttons on it. I'm making it in the six month size for a baby due to be born in June. I love this pattern.

Way cute sweater. Love the baby doll too. I had to get mine out and compare. lol I still have the very first baby doll that my mom ever bought me. It is really really similar to the one you showed. Gave me a bit of a start. hehe
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