Saturday, July 16, 2011

Another FO

Another fair entry completed, as I sat this morning web surfing. It's actually been finished for several weeks, but I procrastinated on sewing on the pewter clasp at the neckline.

If you click on the picture, it will get bigger and you can see the detailing.

This sweater is knit from cuff to center back twice (once for each side, d'oh!), then grafted up the center back. That's the only seaming and the only sewing is the buttons or other closures.

Interesting construction that is very similar to the original Babies and Bears, without the textured panels and hood.

I like the detail under the arm (again, click to make it bigger).

Did I mention that the yarn is from my stash? It is!


Pattern: Babies and Bears Sweater for Grown-Ups by Cottage Creations (available direct--Cottage Creations, At the Farm on Deer Creek, Carpenter, Iowa 50426, or at LYS everywhere). I'm thinking I made the Medium (wow, a medium!) which is 44". It fits nicely.

Yarn: Filatura Lanarota Puno (100% alpaca) in the denim heather colorway from Smiley's. I used just about 11 skeins (less than 1100 yards) so the yarn requirements listed on the pattern are generous.

Clasp is from Schoolhouse Press (Meg Swansen's shop).

Currently on my needles are two more fair entries. I'll post photos when they are finished.

In the planning stage, some "shop samples" for my friend Rabbitch who has a growing fibre (she's Canadian) business. I'll use the samples as fair entries, then send them along to her for display. Her stuff (hand-dyed and -painted sock weight, mostly) is to dye for (pun fully intended). Watch for photos!

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pretty in Pink

I am really pleased with my accomplishments this week. Two small items, but both were pretty intricate and so, required lots of concentration.

On weekends, once required errands are completed and I put in a little time in the yard, I can spend a couple of relaxing hours in front of the TV, watching movies and knitting.

During the week, my knitting time is pretty limited, so I am plugging away at fair entries, about 45 minutes a night (watching Dr. Who re-runs, and now, new summer season shows) one recorded hour (actually 45 minutes if you fast-forward through commercials like we do) a night.

This one's a fair entry.

Pattern is in one of the little Vogue Knitting On the Go books, Caps and Hats ((c)1999). It's called Swirl Cap and features a total of 23 stitch keys including 20 for shaping the cable(s). Lots of looking back and forth!

Right now, it's drying on an inflated balloon. I am so pleased with the result!

Yarn is Sidar Denim Tweed DK that I got in a grab bag from the Yarn Girls. Yarn is MW blend of acrylic, cotton, and wool. Not terribly scratchy. (Faint praise, no?) You never know what will be in one of those grab bags, but I've found that I always get full value.

Next FO (actually, I finished this one first) is from this very scary booklet ((c) 1976) that I bought at a used book sale (probably $5 a bag on the last day). Thank you Friends of the Library or AAUW!

More than 40 patterns (for the princely sum of $2 cover price) and probably 10 that I will make (eventually). I figure that each useable pattern cost me about 2 cents.

It has a couple of very Carnaby Street designs (Hey, there, Georgie girl), and those ski masks right out of a 1970s slasher flick, but there are also some pretty nice classics.

This was the first one that I knit.

I converted the crown to circular (it has a seam) because the intended victim recipient doesn't need that in her life right now. (Who does? Ever?) The brim is knit with two strands and sewn on after.

I confess that I attempted to knit and attach as I went and gave up after a very few minutes.

I love the way the decreases are done on this and will try to remember so that I can replicate when I make beanies with a cable or rib pattern.

Yarn is Classic Elite Classic Silk (another grab bag treasure) and is a cotton, silk and nylon blend.

It's in the mail and should arrive Monday.


Sunday, July 03, 2011

Some More Stuff For the Fair

Regular readers know that I usually take a week in August to prep my fair entries (and stress and blitz knit--it isn't a "vacation," actually).

I looks as though that will not be possible this year. As much as I would like a week to myself, and
need a week to myself, it likely isn't happening.

So, I've been plugging away and will just do the best I can with the time I have available.

First up on today's display is a 3-piece infant set.

Here's the cap.

And here's the yoke of the sweater.

And the whole set, drying afer a nice warm soapy bath and a spin in the OXO salad spinner.

Pattern is Leisure Arts #460 (copyright 1986). Yarn is Cascade Cherub Collection 4-ply. I'm pretty sure that the only commonality with the Cascade (220, et al) we all know and love is the name. This is "Made in England" and a nylon/acrylic blend.


and after shots of a very simple felted potholder.

Lopi-size and style wool, knit up on #11 needles, then shrunk down in the washer.

I need new potholders in the kitchen, so this one will be pressed into service right after Labor Day.

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Saturday, July 02, 2011

One More Thing

Round dishcloth, blocked to within an inch of its life.



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