Sunday, September 30, 2007

How I Spent My Sunday

I started off my morning as I do most, emailing with a friend to the north. Her day is ending as mine begins. It's a good way for me to start the day!

Today, though, I added in a little extra and made a mousie for Raven (one of the GrandCats) from Barbara Albright's Oddball Knitting. It's stuffed full of catnippy goodness. I had to put it in a tightly sealed zippy bag for its own protection from Sparky the bob-tailed wonder cat.

Then, after breakfast (cheese and mushroom omelet, thanks), the Other Half and I headed to the Celtic Classic.

You'll have to check the archives from last September if you want to see pictures, because my camera (which I remembered to bring) was dead as a doornail (whatever that is) or at least the batteries were! And they were freshly charged (or so I thought).

I was somewhat reluctant to attend, remembering the Fest from last year. This year was no better --crowds, people with non-service animals in tow (clearly against the unenforced rules) and smoking in the entertainment tents (also clearly against the posted signage--hello! it's a fire hazard, you freaks!), people walking in a direction that they are not looking, stepping in front of me without so much as an "excuse me," just general rudeness. Thanks, but no thanks.

They've moved the piping competition. But the music was good. The overpriced food was edible. We lasted about 3 hours then headed home.

Here's what I found in my inbox. AD made these great Mittnz and is mailing them off to Cheyenne River. Six pairs are wool and 2 pairs are Ack. The Ack ones have matching Hatz! Way cool! Or wait, that would be Way Warm!

There were no movies this weekend. Instead, we've been watching TiVo'd episodes of Flash Gordon.

I will confess that I am not a fan, this being The Other Half's "thing." But I watched and I enjoyed. Fun. Kitchy. Okay. Decent. Way to go, SciFi Channel. All this and Eureka, too!

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Serious Intervention Needed

Clearly have a problem! I just peeked into The Other Half's "office" (formerly known as the Black Hole of Younger Kid--where he slept until high school) and the futon is covered about 3' deep in baby stuff that I have bought or made.

Stop snickering! I heard The Other Grandmother already bought a tricycle!

So, The Other Half is on his way to the Post Office with a small knitted toy (Bunnster), a gift bag, some tissue, and a note for The Daughter In Law. Next weekend is The Family Baby Shower in her home town. I wanted her to know that I am thinking of her, but also am aware of the logistics of getting great gobs of baby gear back to their home on the plane. (I assume they are flying and not driving.)

The question is, what in the name of all that is holy am I going to do with this stockpile? I have restrained myself from starting yet another baby thing. I have a hat to finish, and a button to sew on to a sweater, and about six ideas in mind (and a pattern book on its way to me--Knitted Toys--mostly animalian-- by Zöe Mellor).

So I am knitting for the troops and for homeless folks in New Orleans, and trying not to start yet another baby sweater. No, wait, there's the bunting that The Daughter In Law picked out yarn for. I have to finish that! and it's not even started!

So, should I ship or bring (for pre-shower giving) the baby carrier and diaper bag and some of this clothing? I don't want to embarrass The Daughter In Law at her own shower by literally "showering her with an embarrassment of riches."

Help me before I commit knittage!


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Seven (?) More Pairs

Orghlaith, who participated (as did many of you) last year sent me a photo of 6 pairs.

She assures me that #7 is toweling off and will be dry and ready to send this week.

Thanks so much!

And if you were thinking about sending stuff to N'awlins to Covenant House, would you think about tucking some tuibe socks and a pack of new underwear (boy/girl, it matters not) into the box?


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What's Next?

Simone finished her 7 pairs.

How about you?

Seriously, if mittn knittn isn't your thing, I certainly understand.

But if you are like me and love to knit, at some point, you are going to run out of People That You Know to knit for. And you can only wear so many [fill in the blank--socks, hats, scarves, sweaters] yourself. Newer knitters are shaking their heads in disbelief, but the more experienced among us are nodding in unison out there.

It might be time to branch out.

The blitz for the Rez ends this week (I will be collecting and posting Mittn photos for a short while yet and drawing for the Prizez on October 7). If you are searching for a suitable repository for your knitted works (and someone/something worthy of your attention), please consider Covenant House in NOLA.

The Snake Lady (who pronounced it a "garter," btw) has put out the word that New Orleans residents and homeless people need washable warm clothes. Hats, wristers, scarves and "fluffy-size" sweaters are especially needed. Things that are fashionable and suitable for teens are especially desired. (Also black pants and white dress shirts--wait-staff uniforms.) Acrylic, blends, superwash wool. Deeper, darker, brighter colors (because washing might be iffy). Winter is cold and damp in the Big Easy. Your pair of wristers might make it possible for a resident to be comfortable while getting his/her life back after TWO FREAKIN' YEARS OF DISASTEROUS FOOT DRAGGING BY THE POWERS THAT BE. ::ahem:: But I feel better.

The address for mailing:

Covenant House
611 N Rampart Street
New Orleans, LA 70112

I'm working on a scarf of that wonderful Aussie stuff that Nanna sent me. Hats will be next.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Still More Mittnz and Hats and Sockz

Here's a picture of the Mittnz that Tracy made.

Aren't the 2-tone ones great!?

There's something for girls and something for boys. Lots of warm hands!

This batch is from Linda (we know her as Crackers) who lives in Florida.

What pretty colors!

Even in that warm state, Linda knows that kids need to be warm. Thanks, Linda!

Marilella made all of these.

I mean to tell you, Overchievers R Us!

I can't count that high! Wristers and Mittnz and hats, oh, my!

Melody is mailing these socks, mittnz, wristers, and hats. Wow!

There will be a final count soon, but I'll need to get out a calculator, I think.

It's not too late! You can send me a photo, or tell me where to grab it. All Challenge Mittnz should be in the mail by Saturday. We really want to blitz Cheyenne River with mittnz!

The address for mailing is:

Cheyenne River Youth Project (or CRYP)
P.O. Box 410
Eagle Butte, SD 57625


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

All Mittnz, All the Time

Sandy sent me this picture and this message:

"Here are my two pair. Going out today. I'm sorry I couldn't get all 7 done, but next year! In fact, I'll probably start after Christmas whipping out a pair a month. That way, I know I'll make it!"

For those of you planning ahead, next year's challenge will be 8 pairs. Just a heads up in case you are a plan aheader.

And don't let a little thing like not finishing 7 stop you from mailing this year! Every pair is one more kid with warm hands.

(This was going to be a long, chatty post, but I am wiped out! Tomorrow, perhaps.)


Monday, September 24, 2007

New Offerings At the Shop of Mom

The little sweaters that I started on the 16th earlier this month are finished.

They need a trip through Mr. Washie and the dryer which I hope will soften up the red one. Hair conditioner, here we come!

Particulars: Rich Designs pattern (see 9/16 entry for title of the book), red sweater is Red Heart TLC Heathers, Barn Red. Green sweater is Red Heart Classic, Teal. Both colors are more muted than they show in this photo. Size 4 and size 2.

Red is a bugger to photograph!

Here are the buttons. (Sorry the photograph isn't clearer, but the red color is closer.)

On the left is a terra cotta colored plastic with an incised "Mayan" face in metallic gold.

On the right is what appears to be the last of the Tailor of Gloucester (Beatrix Potter) . I love these buttons, but alas, they are all gone!

Buttons came from

No stash was de'd to make these sweaters (unless you count the buttons). They will be on their way to the recipients tomorrow.


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Welcome To Mom's Store

To explain why Bubby is having an encore appearance though I threatened to pitch his ugly little butt right after he was finished: I should be flattered (unless, of course, it's because my children are very, very cheap --apple falling close to the tree and all). Both of my kids have asked a very special favor in the past few days: an opportunity to shop at the Store of Mom.

You see, I keep "little things" on hand for quick gift-giving. I've done this for years, and in a way, I've enabled my two sons to accept last minute invitations to gift-giving occasions without batting an eye. Hmm, maybe I should encourage them to start their own Gift Closets.

But I digress. Older Son asked about a week or so ago if I had anything "on hand" (as if) that would fit a nine month old and a 2 year old (I sure hope he was right about those ages) who had suffered some pretty serious losses recently. Um, no. But I was able to cast on From The Top Sweaters for both of them (picture before I mail them off) and I'm pressing the finish line on them.

Then yesterday, I got a call on my cell from my land (?). The Younger Kid was at the house, wondering where the heck I was. He needed to shop at the Store of Mom, too. A friend's little girl was turning 1 and he was invited.

Rather than tell him where the stash is stored (there might be something there that will wend its way to his Christmas stocking, after all!) I told him I would call when I got home and he could shop then.

He picked Bubby. And the toddler mittnz I just finished (I'll be knitting up another pair!), and a couple of board books. No money changed hands.

Joan in Oregon sent me this picture of the 7 pairs of Mittnz she made for the Cheyenner River Reservation kids.

They are all sideways garter stitch and what a rainbow of colors.

Thanks, Joan!

And Julie kept on knitting after her first picture was published. She finished TEN pairs and joins the Overchievers R Us club!

There will be a whole bunch of kids with warm hands thanks to Julie and Joan!

While the Other Half was out doing yard work this morning, he encountered this little beauty.

It's about 18" long and my research says that it is a grass snake.

But I've sent a photo along to my snake-identifying cyber pal. I await her pronouncement on the species.

Movie Reviews: We hit the motherlode of depressing movies this weekend. Don't get me wrong. The stories were well-written and well-acted, but good lord! the themes!

Away From Her was Friday night's offering. Julie Christie is excellent as an Alzeimer's patient who has been committed to an assisted living facility by her husband. Very thought-provoking!

Saturday night, we watched Two Weeks. I'm pretty sure that it wasn't intentional that we (the Other Half) would rent back-to-back movies about such serious topics! Sally Fields plays a woman dying of [ovarian?] cancer, surrounded by her children and their stepfather. There are laughing out loud moments, but there is no way I would have labeled this a comedy!

Last weekend, we rented Snow Cake. If you liked Dustin Hoffman in Rainman, all I can say is that Sigourney Weaver is even better in her role as a high-functioning autistic woman whose daughter is killed in an accident. I'm not saying anything that isn't in the previews. So there! Rent it!

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Down To the Wire

This batch is from Patti. Aren't they great?

She said: "7 pair mittens total (2 are actually fingerless gloves).6 pair are wool, one is acrylic. 2 pair have matching hats (on the right). The bit on the lower left is a 6 - 9 mo wool sweater & hat."

Lots of warm kids!

Thanks, Patti.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Many More Mittnz

LuAnne made a bunch of Mittnz (7 pairs, in fact), then she made Hatz. To match.

Way to go, LuAnne

There will be seven kids with warm hands and warm heads (and possibly warm hearts as well), thanks to you!

And I am pleased to announce that I have finished my seventh pair: a wee pair of baby mitts. Cheats! No thumbs! But warm hands, nonetheless.

(Have you ever tried to get a 2-year-old's thumbs into the thumbs of a mittn? I rest my case! )

Mailing is scheduled for next week. I'm still accepting pictures (and contest entries) at

It's not too late!


Monday, September 17, 2007

Another Batch of Mittnz

Linda in NWPA (Erie area) made these Mittnz (and a pair of wristers).

She made hatz, too and I will edit this post to include them if she gets the photo to me.

We're doing really good with the Challenge! Could use more. Please. Send. More!


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Not "Charity"

Here are the Works in Progress sweaters for Older Kid's coworker's kids.

Green is a color that Red Heart Classic calls "teal." Uh huh. Sleeves are finished, I'm working on the body now.

The red is a color that Red Heart calls "barn red." That's closer to the truth. Collar's finished on that one.

I promised "about 10 days." I am not going to meet that deadline, I fear.

Pattern is Rich Designs Kids to Grown-Ups Seamless Sweaters.

The purpley blue is the last of my seven pairs of Mittnz! (That's a goal I was sure to meet!) They are thumbless toddler size. Yarn is leftover Red Heart Hokey Pokey.

And here is one of the newly acquired books.

I have wanted a Robin Hansen mitten book for a good long while. This one was on sale here. (I also got the last color Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky that I needed for a project and damnitalltoyouknowwhere! It's not Superwash!

So I'm still looking for a bright blue bulky (3.5 st/in) superwash wool. I need only a few yards?

Anyone? Buehler??

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Demise of the Diet-Math Heavy Post, No Pictures

I just tallied up the "good" yarn I bought (with good intentions of knitting it all up) during my enforced Yarn Purchasing Slowdown (AKA Yarn diet). Now, mind you, I had projects in mind for all of this yarn.

I added some Encore (6 balls, leftover from 3 tiny sweaters and a blankie), some legitimate stashable yarn. Leftovers become stash once the project they were purchased for is complete.

(stay with me, please)

I added 4 BAGS (10 balls each) of On-line Linie 121, Summertime, 2 yellow (daffodil?), 1 deep red-orange (grenadine), 1 navy (midnight).

Nope, haven't broken into 3 of the bags, and except for the one ball that I swatched and machine washed and dryer dried to ensure wash and dryability, the 4th bag remains untouched as well. This stuff was going to be baby rompers and bubble suits and maybe a blankie. It was so cheap inexpensive that buying by the bag (of 10) rather than the ball (like 3 or so of a color) made a lot of sense at the time now.

I added some Lily Cotton Elite (3 balls) in a color called Mango that looked much better (or rather, much more appropriate) on the screen than in real life.

There was a bunch (40 balls total in 11 colors) of Filatura di Crosta 501 (superwash merino) that jumped right into my shopping cart at Elann (and put me over the top for my 3rd $50 credit) that will eventually be knat into sweaters for the upcoming munchkin, but for the moment remain totally untouched.

And I got the last whack of Lion Cotton Ease in the old bright colors: 7 balls of Cherry red that was destined to be a Wallaby sweater for the munchkin (do I detect a theme?) until I discovered that the munchkin-Mom is not at all fond of red (in the same way that I am not at all fond of pink).

That which I have not knit (pristine, unbroken skeins) is 92 95 balls!

(Isn't this how food diets generally go? I know it is for me!)

Of course, during that 9 months, I knit up (net) 12 3/4 pounds of stash (there was more, but it wasn't official stash). Put another way, 6.31 MILES of stash, representing 77 balls of yarn. And that's not counting the new yarn that I bought and knit! It also excludes some Red Heart that I am making into hats for Ship Support and two toddler sweaters that I am making at the request of the Older Kid for a coworker who lost a lot of stuff in a house fire last wekend. That will all be used up in the requisite 3 Months From Purchase.

Oh, and I added at least a half-dozen books and several Addi lace needles.

I would be hanging my head in shame if I weren't so damned proud!

You'll be able to see the official tally on the side-bar on October 5.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Drive By Mittnz Blogging

If you are ready to mail your Mittnz, you'll need an address (as several of you have pointed out to me via email or comments). Well, duh!

So here it is:

Cheyenner River Youth Project
P.O. Box 410 *
Billy Mills Youth Center
8200 E. Lincoln Street **
Eagle Butte, SD 57625

* If you send via USPS, use this line.

** If you use any other service (DHL, FedEx, UPS), use this street address

Please put NAS Mittnz 2007 as part of your return address. If you would like to know that your package arrived, enclose a SASE (on top) OR purchase delivery confirmation (less than .50 extra postage).

Thanks to everyone!

If you haven't already let me know that you are knitting and mailing, please email me ( to let me know how many pairs you are sending.

Thanks again!


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Seven Pairs!

DJ finished her seven pairs and will be mailing them off to the Reservation at the end of the month.

Yay! DJ!

And she'll have her name in the hat for one of the fabulous prizes.

A couple of people have managed to make a pair or two. Those that email me and mail them off at the appointed time will be in the drawing for a consolation prize. If you can't make 7, make one or two and let me know!


Sunday, September 09, 2007

More and More Mittnz--and Hatz!

We're coming down to the last couple of knitting weeks for the 7 in 2007 Mittnz Challenge for Cheyenne River. Mittnz should be mailed the last week of September (to arrive the first week in October). Cool how that works!

If you didn't make all 7 pairs, don't let that stop you from mailing! Every pair of mittnz is one more child with warm hands. There will be one consolation prize drawn at random from those folks who couldn't make 7 but made some.

Kathy C made a bunch of Mittnz for the challenge, but Kathy wanted to join our Overchievers Club and so, she also made

a whole bunch of Hatz to match! Warm heads, warm hands. What a great thing you did, Kathy! Thank you!

Movie Reviews: We rented two this weekend.

300 was full of eye candy (naked abs) and gore. I don't know if I would recommend it to anyone under about 18. It was entertaining.

We watched the Penn State Notre Dame game on Saturday and followed it with The Wind That Shakes the Barley. I really wish we hadn't. This movie is so incredibly intense that I couldn't sleep. Set in 1920 Ireland, I leared nothing I didn't know already from fiction and non, but seeing it on the screen was very horrifying. An absolute Must See if you are at all interested in The Troubles.

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

How I Spent My Saturday

Since the Other Half changed jobs, his Fridays belong to The Man. No more joining me for grocery shopping after work unless we wait until after 6. On a Friday. Yeh, me either!

So I've been hitting the supermarket for things like coffee and soft butter and plain ol' white bread and such right after work. It can be on my way home if I turn right and drive past the turkey farm and sneak up on it from the south.

Instead, we've been indulging in the Farmer's Market on Saturdays for The Rest-- produce, eggs, really good steaks and desserts--from the Amish bakery where you can buy whole, half, and quarter cakes and pies!

We didn't get anything at Mr. Bill's this week, only because I have some Perdue Selects (don't shoot me) that I want to use up. Mr. Bill always has samples of various chicken sausages. So far, the Other Half hasn't sampled.

This is the stand where we buy our produce. It's fresh and local and very good! It's one of at least 5 big produce stands.

This week, we got a head of garlic, a cantaloupe (local) and a peck of peaches (ditto) and a head of Romaine lettuce. From the pickle stand in the background (at the far end of the flags) I bought eggs (local and so very much better than the ones at the grocery store).

We got a couple of small steaks from one of the butchers (local), a half pound of white American cheese (Land o' Lakes--not local) from the cheese stand, a quarter of a triple chocolate cake from the Amish bakery, and two smoked pigs' ears for Belle at the pig farmer's butcher stand (he will sell you a whole--or half--pig all ready to go in your freezer, cut, packaged and flash frozen--he's local).

The farmers' market was closed for 2 weekends because of the fair. We mssed it!

Mittnz: Tracy asked where to find the sideways mittnz pattern. It's a pattern by Mariella that she developed for the Reservation. Easy and fun to knit. Check out her blog. There are more of her patterns linked in the sidebar.

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A Way To Sell More Yarn?

I'm making a tiny sweater. (Go on, act surprised.) The pattern (Bernat Baby 1200) that I bought from offers several suggested yarns (all their brands, well, duh).

All of the selections call for at least up to 730 for the smallest size and at least up to 760 yards for the largest size (yes, really) or a range of 550-760 yards for the smallest size. You have to see this chart to understand.

Little kid knitting being what it is, I err on the side of caution (Knitting yarn is probably the only thing about which I am conservative!)

I have 3 balls of Plymouth Encore (600 yards), so rather than take a chance on running out, I cast on for the middle size --20" chest--so I figure about a 1 year old (my kids' baby records for chest size stop at 7 months).

I'm suspecting that what I am about to disclose would label me more to the liberal side, in my yarn estimations.

I've finished the back and this much of the front, and, dudes, I have a whole bunch of yarn still on the hoof! Like close to 500 of the original 600 yards!

I should have realized that if Trellis (cabled and cardigan) took only about 300, then something about 3" from Totally Plain wouldn't need a whole lot more, even in a bigger size.

Hats! Booties! Mittens! Here we come!

Next Project: I caught a Labor Day Sale at The Naked Sheep (go, look, come back, I'm not done talking typing--sale's over, but the everyday prices are good 'uns) and bought some Lamb's Pride Superwash Bulky (made in the USA) for a bunting for the upcoming Munchkin. There's one more color coming. Sorry Charla, Cornflower Blue is not to be found ::insert frownie face::

The folk(s) at Naked Sheep are nice to work with! They let me know right away that my second contrast color was out of stock and offered substitutes. The last ball is, I have been assured, on its way.

And After That: I'm going to cast on this (you can subscribe to Knitting Daily at the Interweave website and get great patterns for free!

I won't be using Kidsilk Haze ::insert frownie face:: but rather, Louet Mohair that I have stashed, because, well, you know that yarn diet? You know how I said that no yarn that was "planned" for a project" would be added to the spreadsheet? At least not until I had time to knit it up? Well, I'm coming down to the wire I set for myself and Will Be Blog-fessing This Weekend.

::hangs head:: I am so ashamed! (Not!)

Stay tuned.

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

They're Finishing 'em

Barb sent me this picture of her 7 Mittnz pairs. All garter stitch for extra warmth and wonderful colors.

I love the way the stripes ad tweediness show up.

Thank you Barb! Seven more kids with warm hands!

(Must cast on last pair)


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Is That Your Car?

Picking up entries after the fair (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.--NO EXCEPTIONS) is always a zoo. It was made worse this year by an actual Zoo (in actuality, Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdon animated exhibit) and the trailers it came in on blocking all entrances and exits at that end of the Agri-Plex.

The usual entance gate was closed and padlocked and there was a maze of vendor vehicles. Annd the guy in the official Fairgrounds golfcart that parked perpendicular to the building (rather than parallel) to unload 3 pretzel boxes of WTF and stayed inside for 5 minutes didn't help at all.

The kicker though, was the woman with the "Happiness is being a grandparent" license plate on her POS station wagon who parked in the No Parking spot right by the main doors that provided the only exit from the maze that was the west side of the building. "There wasn't anywhere else to park," was her excuse. I know, I know. That's why I parked half a mile away and carried my stuff to the car.

Ah well. The seemy, steamy side of the fair. The set-up. The tear down.

My mittens turned up, kind of like Harry and the rest of the sock yarn after having their own adventure. Unfortunately, they will not be writing about that. They have a white (3rd place) ribbon attached.

I had a surreal encounter with B (the lady from last year who was sure that I am not who I say I am). B: "What are you going to do with those little socks?" Me: "Put them on my grandson's little feet." B: "No?!! And what about the mittens? Are those felted? Do people wear those?"

Good lord!

Then: B: "How many stitches did you start with [the socks]?" Me: "I don't know." B:"Oh, you're just like everyone else. Won't share."

So, is it any wonder that I damn near beat the granny in the green station wagon senseless while she slowly loaded up her ripple afghan (acrylic) and her framed puzzle?.

And Angela who lives in Ontario sent me this picture of the Mittnz she created. Aren't they wonderful? Look: double-thick (or extra long) cuffs to keep the wrists warm.

Thanks, Angela. You'll be entered in the prize draw.

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Color For a Baby?

I was working on Trellis from Knitty over the weekend while the kids were visiting.

My plan was that it would be for their firstborn. I had already ripped the front straight back to yarn when I discovered that the buttons were on the dreaded "girl" side, so imagine my surprise shock when the Older Kid asked "Why?"

Why the color? Because I like it. This shot does it no favors. It's definitely yellow-lime green and very bright.

Why the pattern? Because it presented something slightly less mind-numbing than garter stitch.

Why the size?

Because babies grow. That's a fact, Jack!

So, it seems, there's a (slight) chance that I might be dis-owning my Older Kid. (Can I keep his wife?)

Or, I might be giving Trellis to another baby.

Or I might go back to the drawing board and make it over in pink. Let's see how he likes them apples!

This is closer to the actual color, but it's a bit more yellow.

If you decide to make it yourself, it took about 300 yards (1.5 balls) of Plymouth Encore Worsted Weight. This is color 3335--I'd call it Screaming Lime if I were in the color naming business.

Tricky parts? There really aren't any. It's a nice easy knit with some interest.

Be warned, though. The pattern as written puts the buttons on the left and the button holes on the right. Reverse that if you are knitting for a boy (if you are so inclined).


Sunday, September 02, 2007

And When It Doesn't?

Fit, that is.

What do you do when a baby garment is too big/too small?

Too big is easy. You wait. Babies grow. Very fast. And since this is a hat, and too big, I'm pretty sure that Mom-To-Be will be grateful. That baby's head is smaller than the hat. It will, after all, grow.

Ouch. Don't even think about going there!

And if it's too small? As long as the yarn is washable (and indestructable), you can donate it. To a hospital with a neo-natal unit. Baby hats are needed in all sizes from ones that fit a lemon or so, on up.

And here's September's Keep Me Honest picture.

I cannot believe that all I have On The Needles is the Santa pair and Trellis.

I'll be finishing those and casting on Mittnz #7 and some new stuff for Ship Support and some stuff for the Reservation and some stuff for the baby, and some Christmas knitting and maybe even something for me.

Stay tuned.


Saturday, September 01, 2007

A Day At the Fair

The day dawned sunny and bright and I fear there was a lot going on in the area because it was freakin' empty when we got there.

We rushed across the grounds to the agricultural exhibits in the "Agri-Plex" ('cause we wanted to see what I won and how much so we'd know how much fudge to buy).

Let me just say right up front that my Knitted Child Mittens were nowhere to be found! MIA, if you will. We looked everywhere. ::sob:: I know that they will turn up. Who knows where they are right now! Anouk was hiding with the little girls' smocked stuff.

Entries were way down. The handmade knitted and crocheted stuff that filled several racks last year was all squashed onto 2 racks this year. I did not take pictures.

Instead, here's a pic of the Not So New Daughter In Law with the giant pumpkins (First prize=$5). How do you suppose they got them there??

I took first place with the felted wreath (they hung it upside down, for lord's sake), the toy rabbit, the snow pair (you were right, Wayne!), the baby sockies, the child's chullo, and Anouk!

That's one big pumpkin!

The Macungie Grange took a first place award for their display (Theme: "An Oldie But a Goodie") and won a whopping $500 in cash money!

But look at all they did to win that!

It's a great display of field, orchard, garden and home products.

Nicely done, Grangers!

There was lots to eat, so as soon as we checked out the handicrafts, we headed to a place where we could get hot food and have a place to sit.

Vince's it was. For cheese steak sandwiches.

I took second place for the gold heart blankie and the pink lace sweater and booties.

I got thirds (white ribbons) for my washcloth and the little snowman ornament.

There were a lot of people at the fair that might have chosen their apparel more carefully. But then, it's summer in the valley.

(There was a girl in a green plaid skirt with hair to match. I didn't dare take a picture!)

My Christmas stocking, Santa pouch, Santa ornament, the Organic gansey (gold), and the mohair shawl all took 4th place ribbons (yellow).

Total haul: $27. That's a lot of fudge!

So, we went in search of the fudge guy.

WTF!? No fudge guy!

So we went off to look at the animals.

Pigs stink. That's a fact, Jack!

Cows! This is a Grand Champion!


Some were wearing their little hoodie outfits. These were naked.

The goats were out being judged or auctioned or something, so there were no goat pictures.

We seemed to be stalking this little cutie. She was cropped out of several pictures. (I could tell by her adorable shoes. Wanties!!)

She's poking the rabbits.

They didn't seem to mind.

Here's one now.


(But can't have. Allergic.)

Twenty bucks! No fudge to buy. Rabbit instead??

No rabbit.

::insert frownie face::


The Company Cometh

This one's going to be picture-light. Everyone is still asleep.

We have company. Older Kid, the Not So New Daughter In Law, and the Munchkin (though he's not yet Out Here With The Rest Of Us) arrived for the weekend and the Younger Kid came for dinner. It was good to have everyone arround the table again.

Younger Kid had a chance to show off his house to his brother (who is still an Apartment Dweller) and his animals (who were well-behaved as always). It was a good visit so far.

Today, OK, NSNDIL, the Other Half and I will venture to the fair to check out the animals, the crafts and food exhibits (and the fudge), eat ourselves sick (possibly), then come home and do the dinner thing again.

There will be pictures later!

Movie Reviews:
The Children of Men is dark and troubling in a sort of The Handmaid's Tale meets 1984 sort of way. Don't pay full price. Wait for the dollar shelf.

John Travolta shows his range in Wild Hogs. Funny, funny movie. Probably not a good choice for kids. William Macy and Martin Lawrence and Ray Liotta are in it too. What's not to like?

And then last night we saw The Number 23. Let me say right up front, this is not the Jim Carey we all are used to! I'd go back and watch this one again to catch what I missed.

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