Saturday, June 30, 2007

More About Mittnz

My challenge for 2007 is to complete 7 pairs of mittens (or gloves), knit, crocheted, or sewn, any size, any pattern, any color, any fiber (though wool and other animal fibers are definitely prefered.

Yes! I finished pair #4 and they aren't even too very awful.

Of course, the one on the right is about 2 rows shorter than the one on the left. (I also cast on the wrong number of stitches for the second mittn. I didn't discover this mistake until the cuff was finished (26 rows). So I frogged and started over. ::grumble:: This is not one of the pairs I will enter in the fair in August.

Recap: Pattern is from Better Homes and Gardens Knitting Year-Round. I made the middle size.

Yarn is Gjestal Naturgarn in cranberry and Alafoss Lopi in navy. Knitting these yarns on size 6 needles (the ball band calls for 10s and 10.5s) is painful.

Note that the palms are knit plain.

Remember these? Dj has finished her 7 pairs and is pledging another 7.

I'm impressed and inspired

Must cast on another pair. How about you?

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Pattern Link

More About Mittnz: Mariella has produced yet another wonderful pattern for sideways mittnz. You can learn some new techniques and warm a pair of hands.

I, on the other hand, have finished the knitting of the first Stadium (no explanation for the name) Mittn, and the cuff of the second. No SMS* for this knitter!

* Second Mittn Syndrome


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mittn Knittn

Inspired by the knitters who have already provided photos (so I don't have to take bunches myself), I have cast on my 7th (that's 3.5 pairs, dudes) mittn.

The pattern is from BH&G Knitting Year Round (ISBN 069621655-8) that I picked up for 5 bucks a couple years ago (I think on the clearance rack at Michael's, but it could have been A.C. Moore, though I'm pretty sure it was Michael's). There are several sweaters and other projects that I may tackle eventually. I showed the cover and a couple of the projects in the July 23, 2005 entry, if you really want to see.

I'm using Gjestal Naturgarn in red and Lopi in navy, on size 4 and 6 needles. Painful! But dense.

Marie sent me this picture of 7.5 pairs. That gets her in the draw whether she finishes that green pair (still on the needles) or not.

Don't you love the stripey ones?

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Yo, Janice!

After I finished up the Ship Support squares and sent them off, I decided to do some more square knitting, but this time in cotton.

I absolutely love knitting with pink (also wearing and sewing)--that was sarcasm, in case you missed it--so I cast on for the next worthy cause (TBA next month on Rabbitch's spot).

Janice tells me that she really likes the hominess (or homliness, you decide) of the plain, ordinary basic, corner-to-corner cloth. I, on the other hand, enjoy the challenge of a little lace.

So I compromised with a little garter lace. All the hominess of granny, with a little prettiness thrown in.

The yarn is Elmore-Pisgah Peaches and Creme, color Strawberry & Cream that has been aging in the stash since

I swapped for it (or bought it--it's been so long that I no longer remember).

There's lots left, and since the lacy patterns require full, rapt attention to the line-by-line patterns (Leisure Arts Dishcloths From the Heart), I am making plain for car knitting and fancy for knitting at home.

Yes, there's lots left from this 1 pound cone!

I really detest this shade of pink!

Mittnz Update: No, I have not made more (but I have patternz picked!).

These Mittnz are from Jean in TX who knitz for CIC (Children In Common).

She reports that they are double stranded (for extra warmth), which explains the tweediness.

Are you inspired yet?

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Take Me For A Ride In Your Car, Car

When the weather in the Sandbox gets too warm for piles of hats, I turn my car knitting attention to the making of squares (7" ) for the Point of Contact afghans that other SS members are assembling.

This spring was no different.

I mailed off 21 squares to the Red/White/Blue joiner. That's them over there.

Before anyone asks, most of them are variations on garter stitch. In this case, I trust the gauge on the ball band (until it messes with my mind) and cast on 30 stitches (or 60 in the case of the mitered squares). For a couple, I used a stitch dictionary or unvented a pattern, but mostly, they are garter stitch (knit every row). The yarn is Red Heart Supersaver. The needles are (US) 8s.

Mittnz: Sarah, who lives in Israel Saudi Arabia (when I goof, it's a BIG goof!) sent the picture of these great mittnz. They're all wool.

I am inspired!

Knitting Knews: I picked up the Quilt As Afghan again and am pressing forward. It looks as though there will be sufficient of the yellow. As long as the red doesn't play any nasty tricks, there will be enough.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

No Actual Knitting Content

I was at the Tree tonight, checking out the crap in the sidewalk bins. Out rages this adult male berating these 3 teen and preteen males, stomping and yelling.

So they're halfway across the parking lot when this tiny little girl (maybe three?) pushes the door open, and struggles through sobbing, "Daddy, don't leave me," and runs into the parking lot.

Father yells to boys, "Get her!" just as a car swerves and misses her by inches. I run into the lot and grab her and hold on until one of her (presumably) brothers scoops her up.

Moments later, woman exits the store and gets berated for "not watching the kid."

I swear, I wish I had written down their license plate and called the cops.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007


*Felted Finished Object

Amanda's done. The Noro Kureyon took 2 trips through the hot washer (with suitable laundry, in a zippered pillowcase). It's drying now, stuffed with plastic shopping bags so hold the rounded shape

My button arrived (abalone shell that echos the colors). I'll be sewing it on when the purse is dry.

Compare this photo with the one of Amanda unfelted (previous post, same pose) to see how much the knitting tightened up.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Who Knew?

About 3 years ago, when it became obvious to all but the terminally stupid, that climate change had, indeed, changed our climate.

When our typical 2 weeks of really hot summer (in August) extended from June to October.

When the permanently cool basement (where the television lives) hit 85 degrees and stayed there.

That was when the Other Half decided that we really, really, really needed an air conditioner, at least in the bedroom. So we could sleep.

And besides, we both have allergies.

I've never been crazy about the idea, but I will admit that cozying up under a blanket sure beats the hell out of lying in a pool of sweat, so I gave in.

(I will go on record here, though--I really like the fresh air and miss it badly!)

So, we bought a couple of cheap window units. One for the bedroom, and one for my office (where we both work when it gets really hot).

Imagine my surprise, three years later, when I discovered that there is a removeable (and cleanable) filter in the bedroom one! And it was filthy and clogged. No wonder the poor thing was straining to cool the room!

Ten minutes and a lot less dust later, the old a/c that I thought was dying was humming like a champ!

Knitting Knews:

Amanda is finished except for the felting and the button (on order).

This was a 2-day knit start to finish (except for felting and button). I'm thinking that I'll be making a couple of these! This one, however, is mine!

And look at the daylily that popped up in the front yard! Love that sweet face!

Julie in Wisconsin has finished her mittnz. Yay, Julie!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Meet Me At the Bridge, Peanut

We knew it was coming, but it still hurts like hell!

Penny lived in our home for the last 11 years. She'll live in our hearts forever.


Saturday, June 16, 2007

TGI Saturday!

The Other Half is off visiting (his) family (wedding, out of state), and shortly, I will be leaving to meet up with friends I haven't seen in many, many years (reunion, 40 years and counting).

But first, I had to wrestle the Sweet and Charming Sparky for the Not-So-Baby bunny she was carrying around. Mad dash for the door (me on the inside, her on the outside) so that said bunny wasn't released in the house. Baby bunnies are noisy little buggers!

This one was scared, and a little shopworn and soggy, but otherwise unharmed. I suspect he'll be a tad bit wiser (and faster) in the future!

Last night, I put aside the fair knitting for a bit (need to refresh my soul) and started Amanda's Squatty Sidekick (a felted purse) from the Knitting Daily site. You have to register (free) to get to the patterns.

I'm using some stashed Noro Kureyon (color 92).

Carol K shared pictures of the Mittnz she has finished. (Yep, another overachiever!)
Actually, her Mittnz (7 X 2) are for two separate challenges (one for CIC, the other for NAS).

So, I guess we forgive her.

And now, I am off!

Happy Saturday.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Actual Picture of Knitting

Look! Actual picture of knitting! In progress.

Okay, I know you were expecting more, but this is what I've got!

Last night's knitting on Anouk turned into a rip-and-reknit session when I discovered that the initial decreases stop at 61 stitches, not the 49 that I had reached.

No wonder the back didn't match the front

There was some progress on Quilt As Afghan, too, but not in the past several days. No point in spreading it out

Tomorrow promises to be one more Day From Hell. One of our programs (senior boxes, if anyone really cares) is being audited (annual event, nothing to worry over), so I'll be tied up with that all day.

I do love a good audit!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Eye Candy

I looked out the kitchen window tonight and a bright patch of color caught my eye.

The lilies are blooming!

These were planted a couple years ago and are flourishing in the same bed as the roses and clematis.

They're "Asian" varieties (as opposed to the short-lived "day" lilies).

Relatively carefree in this climate. They come back more glorious as each year passes.

And speaking of passing years: This Saturday (assuming I live that long*) I will join a bunch of old, old friends for our 40th ::eep:: class reunion! Ohmymercifullord! How did we ever get this old?

* It doesn't pay to plan too far in advance at my age ::snicker::

Pictures of knitting tomorrow!

Monday, June 11, 2007

More Mittnz

DJ who blogs here, offered this picture of 2 (of the 3 so far) mittnz she's made for the challenge. Hop on over and look at her charity knitting. She's a very charitable knitter!

DJ claims not to like mittn knittn, but she sure does a nice job!

I spent the evening reading blogs and vegging.

I needed that!

There's nothing else to see here. Move along.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Random Sunday Thoughts

This morning, while I was sitting at the computer, I heard a woman's voice outside instructing her companion "when you feel that burning in your legs, that's muscle growing." Not entirely sure about the truth to her statement, but I looked out to see that she was talking to a very little person (maybe 5 or younger).

Okay, I know we should encourage kids to be active, but that seemed just a tad over the top.

Besides, if your body is screaming at you, it's probably a hint to slow down (or even stop)!

Working in the garden, later this morning, I discovered that the gnats are out in force. Nothing much is in bloom as we are "between seasons" but I managed to yank 4 big cans full of weeds. Didn't even make a dent.

Overachievrz R Us: Mariella who blogs here gave permission to swipe these pix from her blog.

The blue and green Mittnz (lower left corner) are her own Sideways Mittens. Pattern link on the sidebar of her blog.

She's been a very busy knitter!

Mariella's claiming 10 pairs of mittnz and

a whole big bunch of wristers already finished.

Are you inspired?

I know I am!

Movie Reviews: We rented two again this weekend.

Because I Said So is just so much fluff. The quintesential (did I spell that right?) "chick flick." Of course Diane Keaton makes it worth watching, but the plot and the acting are just so-so.

On the other hand, Casino Royale was/is terrific! I've not been a big fan of Bond since Sean Connery became was considered "too old" to play this man of action. (Who makes these rules anyway?)

I figure that the Roger Moore/Timothy Dalton/Pierce Brosnan (no one mentions the Sellers' version) incarnations were meant to attract a female following to what is essentially a "guy flick" genre.

Well this "chick" wasn't buying any of it.

Daniel Craig picks up where Connery left off. He's hard. He's tough. And he's not a "pretty boy" (though he certainly is eye candy)! Good movie!

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

A Little Ketchup with that Whine

It's been a couple of days since I've had 3 minutes to sit and even think about blogging! Work has been hectic. I have folks out on vacation, then the two newest drivers (and I had great hopes for them) left (with no notice) for higher-paying jobs. Can't blame them, but it sure would have been nice to hear something besides, "Tomorrow's my last day."

We survived National Hunger Awareness Day, despite the best efforts of a young and aggressive reporter. (Who knew that people are "happy to be hungry?")

I think my short-lived knitting funk is over.

Face it, By August 1 (7 weeks?) I need to have decided on fair entries and have made signigicant progress on finished works. That's the day my registrations are due. Then I have until August 23 to complete everything. Entries are due at the fairgrounds on August 23 or 24.

And so, do you remember the Little Boy Blue sweater?

It's about to become Little Person Orange.


Because the blue Sonata seemed just perfect for Anouk.

The pattern, however, is giving me fits! It's written in what the Other Half and I used to call "Nebraskan" (named in honor of our business software provider, located in Lincoln, that wrote directions like: "do this, that and the other thing, BUT FIRST. . .").

Kate Gilbert wrote the directions for Anouk in much the same way. I'm not sure how (or if) I could have written it better. I'm just saying.

The edging didn't make sense to me until I figured out that the "pinafore" or "tunic" styling of this sweet little "not-dress" is more of a tabbard. It doesn't really show in any of the photos I was able to find on-line.

I'm not sure I can get away with entering it as "Child Dress." I am already looking at ways to modify the style to make it more dress-like.

Mittn News: Anami shared a picture of her completed Mittnz.

Don't you just love the black and white ones?

I'm inspired by the Mittnz I am seeing.

I, however, find that I have completed only 3 pairs so far. Must get Mittn knittn!

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Stash Update and Other Things

Well, I put the June stash total on the sidebar. Down another 10 balls.

I am getting some minor grief from cyber friends about my refusal to count the new yarn acquisitions. ::ahem:: My blog; My rules goes only so far, but truthfully, those shipments were fully (nearly) planned for fair entries and so, until the fair is here and gone, I won't count them (or the leftovers) as stash.

I've been looking through the fair Premium List (the categories that will be judged this year) and I notice some subtle changes from 2006.

Right now, I'm thinking:

Department 18-Needlework
Infant Carriage Robe-Cribcover (finished)
Child Mitten-gloves (finished)*
Child Cap (finished)*
Adult Sweater-vest-skirt (finished)
Adult Shawl-Poncho (finished)
Dishcloth (finished)
Infant 2 pc.-Sweater-cap Sweater-bootie (sweater's finished)
Child sweater-vest-skirt
Child dress
Lap Robe

Department 19-Handcrafts-Mixed Materials
Creative and Traditional dolls-Fabric*
Grapevine wreath
Christmas Greens wreath
Christmas Ornament-Santa
Christmas Stocking-Knitted
Christmas Runners-Quilted**
Mr. & Mrs. Claus-Pair "other" (not ceramic or plastic canvas)
Mr. & Mrs. Snowman-Pair
Mr. or Mrs. Claus
Mr. or Mrs. Snowman

* Unless I come up with something that looks more "enterable"
** As long as the sewing machine is cooperating

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Monday, June 04, 2007


The next door neighbors have been replacing their roof for the past 4 days. They are young. More power to them!

Rabbitch suggested that I set up the video camera, just in case, you know, someone slipped.

Didn't happen.

I must say that I grew quite weary of listening to 20-30-comething guys dropping the F-bomb all freakin' day long all weekend. I think they are almost finished.

I hope they are almost finished!

My own weekend was spent surfing, shopping, knitting, and ripping.

The baby dress had to be restarted.

My calculations were off on the first cast on, and frankly, I would have run out of yarn. No doubt about it.

So I started over in a smaller size (this one is for competition and will be a gift later, perhaps). I abandoned the lace. (If it looks that bad in the pattern booklet, how's it going to look after being worn, drooled on, etc.? and what new mom has time to dress lace?)

Yarn that I ordered to start a little sweater (Sonata from Elann in many colors -- 100% cotton) arrived as did my Addi lace needles.

I am prepared to love both the knitting of this little sweater and the Addis.

Aren't the colors great?

Not stash!

And I rolled up what is left of the yellow yarn for the quilt-y afghan and took it to work.

Not to knit upon, but to weigh on the well-calibrated digital postage scale! It appears that I will have just enough to make this blankie in the originally-planned colorway, so I am pressing on!

This, my loyal readers, is a very good thing!

So, it's back to the red/yellow/navy/natural color scheme.

And In Work News: Tomorrow (first Tuesday in June) is National Hunger Awareness Day. It's a time to look around and recognize that not all Americans (or citizens of the world, for that matter) get enough of the right things to eat every day.

Tomorrow, we release the results of a survey of 350 local people who use the charitable food network to feed themselves and their families at least part of the month.

The stories haven't changed much since 1989 when we first surveyed participants. In many cases, things are a whole lot worse.

In others, though, (children eating breakfast at school, for example) there's a lot of improvement.

People who work hard and play by the rules should be able, at the very least, to feed their families. There's lots of room for improvement before we ask these questions again.

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Mittnz Again

I am a worthless slug! I was going to create a Mittnz button this weekend. Instead, I went shopping (for food and clothing and looked at sofas--didn't find one) and worked in the garden (last flowers planted), and created "guest accommodations" in my now Empty Nest.

Fortunately, a loyal reader has come to my rescue!

Jean shared her No Swatch, No Gauge pattern for Mittnz. Pop on over and take a look. This pattern provides a perfect "blank canvas" for Mittnz.


Friday, June 01, 2007

Fairly There

Another month and confessions are in order.

I am having a heck of a time starting new projects, even knowing that I need to get several things finished between now and mid-August :eep: for the fair.

If I don't start, how will I ever finish?

Currently on the needles (or in need of a few more minutes' attention) are (from the top left) pair of slippers for Ship Support, pale yellow baby dress (fair entry, well aged stash yarn) and the quilt as afghan (also a fair entry, combination of stash--the red and yellow--and new yarn--the cream).

I'm liking the way it's looking (the afghan), but I have serious doubts about how far the yarn will spread. So I am already regrouping.

It's still going to be 4 squares (like the one in the photo) but each will be a different color scheme. That way, I know I will have enough yarn. It will be cheery and colorful. And I can breathe while I knit.

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