Monday, June 04, 2007


The next door neighbors have been replacing their roof for the past 4 days. They are young. More power to them!

Rabbitch suggested that I set up the video camera, just in case, you know, someone slipped.

Didn't happen.

I must say that I grew quite weary of listening to 20-30-comething guys dropping the F-bomb all freakin' day long all weekend. I think they are almost finished.

I hope they are almost finished!

My own weekend was spent surfing, shopping, knitting, and ripping.

The baby dress had to be restarted.

My calculations were off on the first cast on, and frankly, I would have run out of yarn. No doubt about it.

So I started over in a smaller size (this one is for competition and will be a gift later, perhaps). I abandoned the lace. (If it looks that bad in the pattern booklet, how's it going to look after being worn, drooled on, etc.? and what new mom has time to dress lace?)

Yarn that I ordered to start a little sweater (Sonata from Elann in many colors -- 100% cotton) arrived as did my Addi lace needles.

I am prepared to love both the knitting of this little sweater and the Addis.

Aren't the colors great?

Not stash!

And I rolled up what is left of the yellow yarn for the quilt-y afghan and took it to work.

Not to knit upon, but to weigh on the well-calibrated digital postage scale! It appears that I will have just enough to make this blankie in the originally-planned colorway, so I am pressing on!

This, my loyal readers, is a very good thing!

So, it's back to the red/yellow/navy/natural color scheme.

And In Work News: Tomorrow (first Tuesday in June) is National Hunger Awareness Day. It's a time to look around and recognize that not all Americans (or citizens of the world, for that matter) get enough of the right things to eat every day.

Tomorrow, we release the results of a survey of 350 local people who use the charitable food network to feed themselves and their families at least part of the month.

The stories haven't changed much since 1989 when we first surveyed participants. In many cases, things are a whole lot worse.

In others, though, (children eating breakfast at school, for example) there's a lot of improvement.

People who work hard and play by the rules should be able, at the very least, to feed their families. There's lots of room for improvement before we ask these questions again.

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We often have that problem living in a resort community. Sometimes all it takes if for DH to go over and tell the guys that thier language will not be tolerated in front of his family. It usually works. If not, call the police. You do not have to subject yourself to that filth.

Love the Lopi Mittnz.
Amen on the hunger thing.

And the F word bugs me too. You hear it all over the train, even when young kids are around. Not as big a pet peeve as loud bass on car stereos though.

I'm knitting from my stash. Just finished a baby sweater and starting a baby blanket. All from stash. Yea!
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