Sunday, February 22, 2015

Little Things Mean a Lot!

It's only a matter of time before the spring fundraisers start, and I want to be ready.

These little tea toters use smallish (15 g or so) amounts of worsted weight cotton yarn, a cute button, and about 45 minutes of knitting and finishing time.

With a tea bag or two tucked inside, they make a nice gift to tuck into a birthday card if you are so inclined.

Some leftover (from the last decade) Fun Fur and a couple hours yielded a fuzzy hat for The Girl Who Is Into Hats.
That Girl With Her Hat

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Just Like Eloise Wore

There's a wonderful series of books by Kay Thompson about a little girl who lives in the Plaza with her Nanny and her dog Weenie and her turtle Skipperdee.

At the height of the cold war, this delightful moppet travels to Moscow in the aptly titled book Eloise in Moscow.  I was making something a little special for the Purple Warrior Princess when I realized it looks a whole lot like the hat that Eloise wore.

And so, we will call this the Russian hat and hope that it keeps PWP as toasty as Eloise's kept her.

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Cold Weather; Warm Gear

Finished this soft and cuddly scarf last week. It's from the last of some Bernat Soy and planned for a yarn bombing. However, the cold weather may have me rethinking that!

And the reaction of TPT (Tiny Prince Two/Too) got me thinking about the Monster Pants leftovers and so I cast on a couple of scarves for him and his big bro (TPO - Tiny Prince Original).

I may have mentioned that both of the Tiny Princes are no longer tiny.

And yes, I know that scarves are often not recommended for little kids, but they aren't so little any more.

Did I mention that it's cold?

These should go out in Tuesday's mail (Monday is a holiday).

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Sunday, February 08, 2015

Love Is In the Air

Using up a ball of Knit Picks Dishie (color tomato) to make some heart-themed dishcloths for a swap.

All of these came from a 2001 Leisure Arts booklet: Dishcloths From the Heart.

I'm pleased with the way they turned out. None of them was difficult to knit, though I will admit that I ripped back (frogged) this one twice before I got my act together.

And this, is a mug rug. If you look closely (make it bigger by clicking on the photo), you can see the heart there as well. On-line pattern, white Bernat Organic Natural Cotton, last of many balls.

I will miss that stuff!


Sunday, February 01, 2015

Monster Pants Finito!

Seeing photos on Facebook of scarf-bombed landscapes, I decided to cast on some Bernat Soy leftovers  and make a scarf to leave for someone who might need it.

Bernat Soy is discontinued blend of soy fiber and ack. It's soft and drapey, so it should be good for wrap around the face and neck.

I have 2 full skeins and some bits and pieces. Should be enough.

And the Monster Pants (see previous post) are finished! Yay!!

This is the front.

And here is the business end.

Weather permitting, they'll go out in the mail on Monday or Tuesday.

I will probably make another pair as a fair entry. But for right now, I need to concentrate on other stuff.

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Works In Progress; Finished Objects

Monster Pants are progressing nicely. A combination of washable wools (well-aged) are (dark blue) Austermann Juwel and (all the other colors Filatura di Crosa 501.

The actual Monster Face is embroidered in duplicate stitch or sewn on as knitted appliques.

Leg #1 is finished. This is not Sleeve Island.    And besides, they are very small.

It seems that I am getting into this random pattern thingie.

And for something a bit more traditional, this weekend, I finished a shawl, following the basic triangle that's started at the neck. Increase 4 stitches every other row, 2 in the center, two on the edge.

I used some stashed merino silk blend that I bought on-line umpty two years ago. I wound up over-dyeing  a lot of it with Wilton icing color (I think) in a strong blue which made  for shades of purple-y and turquoise-y that I striped with the green shades that seem to be original.

I used a little over a pound of worsted weight to make the shawl. It's about 80" wide.

I finished the whole thing off with a knitted lace edging from Sally Melville's The Purl Stitch that served to both embellish and bind off.

I'm pleased with the way it came out, though I did find Ella (our cat) had decided that she really, really loves this yarn. She was sleeping all over it on the blocking mats.*

In fairness, the blocking mats were on the pool table which is where she spends a lot of her time.

I may have to use the odd bits to make a little toy for her.

*Earlier, I found her dancing on the shawl-in-progress.

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Special Request

A few days ago, the Purple Warrior Princess's Mama shared a photo on Facebook. It was Monster Pants. I am going to have to suggest that you search this one either on Ravelry or Google Images, because there are so many adorable variations on this theme that I would be selling them short if I provided a link, because one link does not do them justice. "Monster Pants" should get you there.

Of course, I replied "Mammo's on it!" Then, I had to find out if the request was for a Sesame Street-type monster (Elmo or Cookie or maybe even Oscar), or what I term a Crazy Monster (with oogly eyes and ver' vicious teeth).

Crazy Monster it is! And the very day I finished my last project (a shawl that hasn't yet been blocked (film at 11; patience, Grasshopper!), I cast on a pair of Crazy Monster longies (that's an EZ term--see Knitter's Almanac). Colors as shown in the photo: deep royal blue, bright blue, lime green, sunflower yellow, plus red for the ver' vicious mouth and white for the ver' vicious teeth.

The butt is finished. I am ready to start the legs.

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