Monday, April 07, 2014

Drive-By Blogging

It's been a rough month, Loyal Reader, but the end is in sight. (More about that after the knitting stuff, okay?)

I ran out of room on the 60" circular needle, so I have declared the 2014 Hexagon Scrapghan to be finished. Point to point, it is 72" across and odds and ends of all sorts of animal fibers.

It's a wonderfully snuggly blankie. (See comments at the end.)

And a special request from the Baby Grands (Tiny Prince Original, Tiny Prince Two/Too, and Purple Warrior Princess): Basic slippers, ala Minions!

These will go in the mail tomorrow or the next day (see below).

BELOW: I have been nursing what was thought to be Give It Time and It will Go Away Sciatica which Did Not Go Away.

Last Tuesday, I was scheduled for back surgery (simple, outpatient, an hour, tops) that turned into an overnight stay in the hospital on multiple monitors with dual (dueling) IVs and postponement due to heart issues (serious, non-life threatening).

Postponed surgery is now scheduled for tomorrow (time TBA) and I will probably be stuck overnight again for "observation.

The prognosis for my back and legs is good. I have been told that the relief (pain) will be almost immediate and that the strength will return to my legs, probably the right before the left.

I am not inclined to request prayers (that just isn't who I am), but if you could keep a good though for me, I would appreciate it.

On a happy note, I have crossed two off my Bucket List: ride in an ambulance and inject drugs. I will no longer need to contemplate again doing either! But I really had hoped to sit in the front and work the siren.

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