Saturday, December 31, 2011

Holly Jolly

Among the decorations that I spotted this year that I hope to never see again:

Precious Moments lighted Nativity--I swear--figures are about one foot tall and just too precious

Santa peeking out (okay, look for yourself).

Oh, and this.

Definitely Eleven (or maybe 12)

Ribbon-o-round from Knitters 104

Okay, it's finished! The 11 in 11 is done with hours to spare.

Yarn is Filatura Lanorata Wool Heathers from Smiley's.

Modifications--the obvious--I didn't make it in multi-colors (original pattern is shown in black with bands of purple, yellow, green, and red on the yoke). I also lengthened the sleeves. Original pattern calls for elbow-length, and while I like that, not in outerwear wool.

I'm pleased and it will definitely get worn. Maybe even today if the weather cooperates.

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Number 10 (or 11)

So, when I went back to check the number of sweaters I have completed in 2011, I counted 10 (or possibly 9) completed making the green heathery sweater I am working on for me officially Number 11 (or possibly number 10). That pushed me to immediately cast on a sweater for the current youth campaign for A4A. (See last post.)

It took me no time at all to realize the error of my ways. . .

Hello. Adult (albeit small adult) size sweater. What was I thinking?

So I put it aside. It can be the first sweater of the new year (where I have committed to 12 in 12--call me crazy!) or one of them.

Baby sweater! That's the ticket! Initially, I thought I would go to my go-to pattern--the 5-hour Baby Sweater.

But the yarn I wanted to use. Nah. Not that one.

Wendy Peter Pan DK, a lovely soft nylon/ack blend in bright, bright, bright baby colors.

And here's the finished sweater.

I do believe I might have a new go-to sweater, because this one also took just about 5 hours and just about 300 yards of yarn. Pattern here with modifications (as always).

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ten? Or Maybe Eleven?

Back in January (nearly 12 months ago now), I committed to knitting 11 sweaters in 2011. When I count up my FOs for the year, I sincerely believe that the sweater currently on my needles (for me) is Number Eleven.

But when I look for actual proof I am at a loss.

There are photos and descriptions of ten including this one (eyes left)--Ribbon-O-Round from Knitters 104. I decided to forgo the horizontal stripes and knit the whole thing from a sage-y heathery wool yarn (Filatura Lanarota) from Smiley's. In a fit of modification (now there's a surprise!), I am making the sleeves full length.

And just in case, this sweater is actually Number 10, I cast on a top down sweater for A4A using my go-to booklet, Kids to Grown-Ups Top Down Sweaters in the smallest adult size.

The current campaign is shipping in February. It will be done by then for certain.

Yarn is Patons Classic Wool in classic colors from the odd ball bag.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My lord! Two months!!

A friend pointed out that I have not updated my blog in a while. I checked. It's been nearly 2 months!
Stuff has gotten in the way, I guess.

Here's an update on 11 in 11. I have completed (I think) 10 sweaters this year and am closing in on Number 11.

Here are the Tiny Princes modeling # 9 and #10:

And here's an update on the Sock Yarn blankie:

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I Bought a Bargain

A little while back (September?) Smiley's had a sale on Schachenmayr Silenzio, only 1 color (sort of tealish) and 30 ball limit. I could not resist! This bulky yarn is machine wash (though dry flat) and a 50/50 blend of ack and animal. Frankly, I was thinking warm wooly baby blanket(s).

I finished Number 1 over the weekend (color in this photo is fairly accurate):

I love the way the pattern forms scallopy edges!

It's roughly 42" square and used about 825 yards of yarn at 13 stitches to 4" gauge. Pattern here. Thanks, Lisa!

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