Monday, December 26, 2011

Number 10 (or 11)

So, when I went back to check the number of sweaters I have completed in 2011, I counted 10 (or possibly 9) completed making the green heathery sweater I am working on for me officially Number 11 (or possibly number 10). That pushed me to immediately cast on a sweater for the current youth campaign for A4A. (See last post.)

It took me no time at all to realize the error of my ways. . .

Hello. Adult (albeit small adult) size sweater. What was I thinking?

So I put it aside. It can be the first sweater of the new year (where I have committed to 12 in 12--call me crazy!) or one of them.

Baby sweater! That's the ticket! Initially, I thought I would go to my go-to pattern--the 5-hour Baby Sweater.

But the yarn I wanted to use. Nah. Not that one.

Wendy Peter Pan DK, a lovely soft nylon/ack blend in bright, bright, bright baby colors.

And here's the finished sweater.

I do believe I might have a new go-to sweater, because this one also took just about 5 hours and just about 300 yards of yarn. Pattern here with modifications (as always).

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