Sunday, November 30, 2014

What has Sheepie Been Up To?

Serious apologies to my follower. It's been a very hectic fall here in Sheep World.

 Well, the Mitered Sock Yarn Blankie (you'll have to do a Ravelry search) is finally finished.

I lost track of the number of different sock yarns I incorporated, but there's even one square of a tiny bit of leftover Noro Sock. This is most assuredly another memory blankie.

After 3 years in the making, I know it needs a wash and block. There is one yarn that concerns me (a hand dyed that I did myself with Kool-aid). Gonna bite the bullet later today.

And later today, I'll be working on this one. It's a log cabin variation that I am enjoying a lot.

Based on 10 stitches, yarn is Easy Wool from Smiley's in denim and cream. Well-aged stash.

Tiny Prince Original (who is now 7 and knows this stuff) pronounced the denim "itchy" in the sweater I made for him.  ::le sigh::

Perhaps as a blankie. . . Meanwhile, it's mindless car knitting when I am the passenger.

And here, the precious Tiny Prince Two/Too and Purple Warrior Princess model fall hand-knitted sweaters from Mammo.

TPT requested that his sweater be "orange." We compromised on dark orange (rust) because, well, the orange yarn in my stash was hand wash only, almost lace weight, and not sufficient to the task. This is a lovely washable wool (Moda Dea) and probably long discontinued. PWP's is also washable, Berrocco Vintage, I think, and available.

Both Patterns are in Carol Feller's Contemporary Irish Knits. I am looking forward to making other designs in this book.

Click on the photo to embiggen.

I would like to promise that I will be more faithful as a blogger, but that would probably be stretching the truth.  I'll be back with updates when I can.

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