Saturday, December 31, 2011

Definitely Eleven (or maybe 12)

Ribbon-o-round from Knitters 104

Okay, it's finished! The 11 in 11 is done with hours to spare.

Yarn is Filatura Lanorata Wool Heathers from Smiley's.

Modifications--the obvious--I didn't make it in multi-colors (original pattern is shown in black with bands of purple, yellow, green, and red on the yoke). I also lengthened the sleeves. Original pattern calls for elbow-length, and while I like that, not in outerwear wool.

I'm pleased and it will definitely get worn. Maybe even today if the weather cooperates.

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Very pretty, Ann. Congratulations on such a productive year :-)
Congratulations on your eleven in 11. That's a very nice sweater.
It's lovely. What a good way to wrap up an ambitious sweater-creating drive!
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