Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ten? Or Maybe Eleven?

Back in January (nearly 12 months ago now), I committed to knitting 11 sweaters in 2011. When I count up my FOs for the year, I sincerely believe that the sweater currently on my needles (for me) is Number Eleven.

But when I look for actual proof I am at a loss.

There are photos and descriptions of ten including this one (eyes left)--Ribbon-O-Round from Knitters 104. I decided to forgo the horizontal stripes and knit the whole thing from a sage-y heathery wool yarn (Filatura Lanarota) from Smiley's. In a fit of modification (now there's a surprise!), I am making the sleeves full length.

And just in case, this sweater is actually Number 10, I cast on a top down sweater for A4A using my go-to booklet, Kids to Grown-Ups Top Down Sweaters in the smallest adult size.

The current campaign is shipping in February. It will be done by then for certain.

Yarn is Patons Classic Wool in classic colors from the odd ball bag.

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