Sunday, February 01, 2015

Monster Pants Finito!

Seeing photos on Facebook of scarf-bombed landscapes, I decided to cast on some Bernat Soy leftovers  and make a scarf to leave for someone who might need it.

Bernat Soy is discontinued blend of soy fiber and ack. It's soft and drapey, so it should be good for wrap around the face and neck.

I have 2 full skeins and some bits and pieces. Should be enough.

And the Monster Pants (see previous post) are finished! Yay!!

This is the front.

And here is the business end.

Weather permitting, they'll go out in the mail on Monday or Tuesday.

I will probably make another pair as a fair entry. But for right now, I need to concentrate on other stuff.

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Love them!
What fun! I hope you can make them as a fair entry too. Edith
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