Saturday, June 09, 2007

A Little Ketchup with that Whine

It's been a couple of days since I've had 3 minutes to sit and even think about blogging! Work has been hectic. I have folks out on vacation, then the two newest drivers (and I had great hopes for them) left (with no notice) for higher-paying jobs. Can't blame them, but it sure would have been nice to hear something besides, "Tomorrow's my last day."

We survived National Hunger Awareness Day, despite the best efforts of a young and aggressive reporter. (Who knew that people are "happy to be hungry?")

I think my short-lived knitting funk is over.

Face it, By August 1 (7 weeks?) I need to have decided on fair entries and have made signigicant progress on finished works. That's the day my registrations are due. Then I have until August 23 to complete everything. Entries are due at the fairgrounds on August 23 or 24.

And so, do you remember the Little Boy Blue sweater?

It's about to become Little Person Orange.


Because the blue Sonata seemed just perfect for Anouk.

The pattern, however, is giving me fits! It's written in what the Other Half and I used to call "Nebraskan" (named in honor of our business software provider, located in Lincoln, that wrote directions like: "do this, that and the other thing, BUT FIRST. . .").

Kate Gilbert wrote the directions for Anouk in much the same way. I'm not sure how (or if) I could have written it better. I'm just saying.

The edging didn't make sense to me until I figured out that the "pinafore" or "tunic" styling of this sweet little "not-dress" is more of a tabbard. It doesn't really show in any of the photos I was able to find on-line.

I'm not sure I can get away with entering it as "Child Dress." I am already looking at ways to modify the style to make it more dress-like.

Mittn News: Anami shared a picture of her completed Mittnz.

Don't you just love the black and white ones?

I'm inspired by the Mittnz I am seeing.

I, however, find that I have completed only 3 pairs so far. Must get Mittn knittn!

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Ann, Thanks so much for the clarification on the Anouk styling. I couldn't figure out if the finishing was assumed or if I was missing somehthing because I was a newbie. I think I'll get started tonight!
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