Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Eye Candy

I looked out the kitchen window tonight and a bright patch of color caught my eye.

The lilies are blooming!

These were planted a couple years ago and are flourishing in the same bed as the roses and clematis.

They're "Asian" varieties (as opposed to the short-lived "day" lilies).

Relatively carefree in this climate. They come back more glorious as each year passes.

And speaking of passing years: This Saturday (assuming I live that long*) I will join a bunch of old, old friends for our 40th ::eep:: class reunion! Ohmymercifullord! How did we ever get this old?

* It doesn't pay to plan too far in advance at my age ::snicker::

Pictures of knitting tomorrow!
You will be happy to know that my 40 year reunion is later this summer, too. Hmph.
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