Saturday, June 23, 2007

Take Me For A Ride In Your Car, Car

When the weather in the Sandbox gets too warm for piles of hats, I turn my car knitting attention to the making of squares (7" ) for the Point of Contact afghans that other SS members are assembling.

This spring was no different.

I mailed off 21 squares to the Red/White/Blue joiner. That's them over there.

Before anyone asks, most of them are variations on garter stitch. In this case, I trust the gauge on the ball band (until it messes with my mind) and cast on 30 stitches (or 60 in the case of the mitered squares). For a couple, I used a stitch dictionary or unvented a pattern, but mostly, they are garter stitch (knit every row). The yarn is Red Heart Supersaver. The needles are (US) 8s.

Mittnz: Sarah, who lives in Israel Saudi Arabia (when I goof, it's a BIG goof!) sent the picture of these great mittnz. They're all wool.

I am inspired!

Knitting Knews: I picked up the Quilt As Afghan again and am pressing forward. It looks as though there will be sufficient of the yellow. As long as the red doesn't play any nasty tricks, there will be enough.

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