Friday, June 01, 2007

Fairly There

Another month and confessions are in order.

I am having a heck of a time starting new projects, even knowing that I need to get several things finished between now and mid-August :eep: for the fair.

If I don't start, how will I ever finish?

Currently on the needles (or in need of a few more minutes' attention) are (from the top left) pair of slippers for Ship Support, pale yellow baby dress (fair entry, well aged stash yarn) and the quilt as afghan (also a fair entry, combination of stash--the red and yellow--and new yarn--the cream).

I'm liking the way it's looking (the afghan), but I have serious doubts about how far the yarn will spread. So I am already regrouping.

It's still going to be 4 squares (like the one in the photo) but each will be a different color scheme. That way, I know I will have enough yarn. It will be cheery and colorful. And I can breathe while I knit.
I'm a relatively new reader of your blog. I followed the link of someone (I forget who) talking about the mittens. I was reading through the older posts and saw Ollie's... We're new to this part of Pennsylvania and I'm hooked. I have to go every couple of weeks just to see what's there now. So funny to see you'd bought the same book there that I had.
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