Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Stash Update and Other Things

Well, I put the June stash total on the sidebar. Down another 10 balls.

I am getting some minor grief from cyber friends about my refusal to count the new yarn acquisitions. ::ahem:: My blog; My rules goes only so far, but truthfully, those shipments were fully (nearly) planned for fair entries and so, until the fair is here and gone, I won't count them (or the leftovers) as stash.

I've been looking through the fair Premium List (the categories that will be judged this year) and I notice some subtle changes from 2006.

Right now, I'm thinking:

Department 18-Needlework
Infant Carriage Robe-Cribcover (finished)
Child Mitten-gloves (finished)*
Child Cap (finished)*
Adult Sweater-vest-skirt (finished)
Adult Shawl-Poncho (finished)
Dishcloth (finished)
Infant 2 pc.-Sweater-cap Sweater-bootie (sweater's finished)
Child sweater-vest-skirt
Child dress
Lap Robe

Department 19-Handcrafts-Mixed Materials
Creative and Traditional dolls-Fabric*
Grapevine wreath
Christmas Greens wreath
Christmas Ornament-Santa
Christmas Stocking-Knitted
Christmas Runners-Quilted**
Mr. & Mrs. Claus-Pair "other" (not ceramic or plastic canvas)
Mr. & Mrs. Snowman-Pair
Mr. or Mrs. Claus
Mr. or Mrs. Snowman

* Unless I come up with something that looks more "enterable"
** As long as the sewing machine is cooperating

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