Saturday, June 30, 2007

More About Mittnz

My challenge for 2007 is to complete 7 pairs of mittens (or gloves), knit, crocheted, or sewn, any size, any pattern, any color, any fiber (though wool and other animal fibers are definitely prefered.

Yes! I finished pair #4 and they aren't even too very awful.

Of course, the one on the right is about 2 rows shorter than the one on the left. (I also cast on the wrong number of stitches for the second mittn. I didn't discover this mistake until the cuff was finished (26 rows). So I frogged and started over. ::grumble:: This is not one of the pairs I will enter in the fair in August.

Recap: Pattern is from Better Homes and Gardens Knitting Year-Round. I made the middle size.

Yarn is Gjestal Naturgarn in cranberry and Alafoss Lopi in navy. Knitting these yarns on size 6 needles (the ball band calls for 10s and 10.5s) is painful.

Note that the palms are knit plain.

Remember these? Dj has finished her 7 pairs and is pledging another 7.

I'm impressed and inspired

Must cast on another pair. How about you?

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*ducks head*

i just cast on the first one today. however, i have the tip done (i'm doing a short row top, like i would a sock, and knitting down). it's my car project.
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