Friday, June 22, 2007

No Actual Knitting Content

I was at the Tree tonight, checking out the crap in the sidewalk bins. Out rages this adult male berating these 3 teen and preteen males, stomping and yelling.

So they're halfway across the parking lot when this tiny little girl (maybe three?) pushes the door open, and struggles through sobbing, "Daddy, don't leave me," and runs into the parking lot.

Father yells to boys, "Get her!" just as a car swerves and misses her by inches. I run into the lot and grab her and hold on until one of her (presumably) brothers scoops her up.

Moments later, woman exits the store and gets berated for "not watching the kid."

I swear, I wish I had written down their license plate and called the cops.


Seriously. I get physically sick when I see that kind of behavior, it's beyond sad, it IS criminal, good for you for running and catching the little girl, sheesh, she's just a baby, you know? Those poor kids. Hopefully they will discover that life doesn't have to be that way.
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