Saturday, June 16, 2007

TGI Saturday!

The Other Half is off visiting (his) family (wedding, out of state), and shortly, I will be leaving to meet up with friends I haven't seen in many, many years (reunion, 40 years and counting).

But first, I had to wrestle the Sweet and Charming Sparky for the Not-So-Baby bunny she was carrying around. Mad dash for the door (me on the inside, her on the outside) so that said bunny wasn't released in the house. Baby bunnies are noisy little buggers!

This one was scared, and a little shopworn and soggy, but otherwise unharmed. I suspect he'll be a tad bit wiser (and faster) in the future!

Last night, I put aside the fair knitting for a bit (need to refresh my soul) and started Amanda's Squatty Sidekick (a felted purse) from the Knitting Daily site. You have to register (free) to get to the patterns.

I'm using some stashed Noro Kureyon (color 92).

Carol K shared pictures of the Mittnz she has finished. (Yep, another overachiever!)
Actually, her Mittnz (7 X 2) are for two separate challenges (one for CIC, the other for NAS).

So, I guess we forgive her.

And now, I am off!

Happy Saturday.

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