Sunday, June 10, 2007

Random Sunday Thoughts

This morning, while I was sitting at the computer, I heard a woman's voice outside instructing her companion "when you feel that burning in your legs, that's muscle growing." Not entirely sure about the truth to her statement, but I looked out to see that she was talking to a very little person (maybe 5 or younger).

Okay, I know we should encourage kids to be active, but that seemed just a tad over the top.

Besides, if your body is screaming at you, it's probably a hint to slow down (or even stop)!

Working in the garden, later this morning, I discovered that the gnats are out in force. Nothing much is in bloom as we are "between seasons" but I managed to yank 4 big cans full of weeds. Didn't even make a dent.

Overachievrz R Us: Mariella who blogs here gave permission to swipe these pix from her blog.

The blue and green Mittnz (lower left corner) are her own Sideways Mittens. Pattern link on the sidebar of her blog.

She's been a very busy knitter!

Mariella's claiming 10 pairs of mittnz and

a whole big bunch of wristers already finished.

Are you inspired?

I know I am!

Movie Reviews: We rented two again this weekend.

Because I Said So is just so much fluff. The quintesential (did I spell that right?) "chick flick." Of course Diane Keaton makes it worth watching, but the plot and the acting are just so-so.

On the other hand, Casino Royale was/is terrific! I've not been a big fan of Bond since Sean Connery became was considered "too old" to play this man of action. (Who makes these rules anyway?)

I figure that the Roger Moore/Timothy Dalton/Pierce Brosnan (no one mentions the Sellers' version) incarnations were meant to attract a female following to what is essentially a "guy flick" genre.

Well this "chick" wasn't buying any of it.

Daniel Craig picks up where Connery left off. He's hard. He's tough. And he's not a "pretty boy" (though he certainly is eye candy)! Good movie!

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Mmmm...Daniel Craig! It was so fun to see a Bond movie that was a little more substantial than just special effects. My only complaint was that I couldn't look away long enough to get any knitting done!
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