Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Who Knew?

About 3 years ago, when it became obvious to all but the terminally stupid, that climate change had, indeed, changed our climate.

When our typical 2 weeks of really hot summer (in August) extended from June to October.

When the permanently cool basement (where the television lives) hit 85 degrees and stayed there.

That was when the Other Half decided that we really, really, really needed an air conditioner, at least in the bedroom. So we could sleep.

And besides, we both have allergies.

I've never been crazy about the idea, but I will admit that cozying up under a blanket sure beats the hell out of lying in a pool of sweat, so I gave in.

(I will go on record here, though--I really like the fresh air and miss it badly!)

So, we bought a couple of cheap window units. One for the bedroom, and one for my office (where we both work when it gets really hot).

Imagine my surprise, three years later, when I discovered that there is a removeable (and cleanable) filter in the bedroom one! And it was filthy and clogged. No wonder the poor thing was straining to cool the room!

Ten minutes and a lot less dust later, the old a/c that I thought was dying was humming like a champ!

Knitting Knews:

Amanda is finished except for the felting and the button (on order).

This was a 2-day knit start to finish (except for felting and button). I'm thinking that I'll be making a couple of these! This one, however, is mine!

And look at the daylily that popped up in the front yard! Love that sweet face!

Julie in Wisconsin has finished her mittnz. Yay, Julie!
I very much like Amanda. Perhaps she needs to come live at my house. We have central air. ;-) (but it is on the fritz right now)

That's got to be the most beautiful Daylily I've ever seen!

Oh..BTW..got some of those 5" DPN's..Love em!!!

Sandy in the Hill Country of Texas
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