Sunday, July 03, 2011

Some More Stuff For the Fair

Regular readers know that I usually take a week in August to prep my fair entries (and stress and blitz knit--it isn't a "vacation," actually).

I looks as though that will not be possible this year. As much as I would like a week to myself, and
need a week to myself, it likely isn't happening.

So, I've been plugging away and will just do the best I can with the time I have available.

First up on today's display is a 3-piece infant set.

Here's the cap.

And here's the yoke of the sweater.

And the whole set, drying afer a nice warm soapy bath and a spin in the OXO salad spinner.

Pattern is Leisure Arts #460 (copyright 1986). Yarn is Cascade Cherub Collection 4-ply. I'm pretty sure that the only commonality with the Cascade (220, et al) we all know and love is the name. This is "Made in England" and a nylon/acrylic blend.


and after shots of a very simple felted potholder.

Lopi-size and style wool, knit up on #11 needles, then shrunk down in the washer.

I need new potholders in the kitchen, so this one will be pressed into service right after Labor Day.

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What a sweet sweater and cap set!
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