Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Knit Along With Me

Okay, night #2.

When your stripey heel part is as long as you need it (4" in my example for my personal foot), you will need to add a couple of stitches at the end of the last row (after you complete the wrong side row, either knit 2 or 4 more stitches onto the end of the row, or use an e cast on to add the stitches). This is the front of the foot part.

Cut the yarn leaving a tail about 6".

Tricky part coming up:

Divide the stitches somewhat evenly onto 3 double pointed needles.

You want the new cast on stitches in the center of the second needle. The beginning of the round is at the center of your original stripy part.
Attach a new color at the beginning of the round (bottom of the foot--that way any messy round joining things that you do will be on the walked on part, not the side or top.

Clever, no?

Find some patterny things that you can live with that divide evenly into the number of stitches you have and go to town with colors and such.

Have fun with this part!

I had 52 stitches. My first band was evenly divisible (4 stitches wide). The second one was 10 stitches wide, so I chose to knit the 2 extra stitches in the background color and "hide them" on the bottom of the foot.

(If I hadn't told you, you'd have never known!)

Keep knitting in bands of pattern until the moc is about 2" shorter than you want your finished slipper. Remember that garter stitch is v-e-r-y s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y so don't get carried away with the length!

Switch colors one more time and begin the toe decreases.

First round, decrease until you have an even multiple of 8, 9, or 10. (I decreased 2 stitches to get to 50.)

Then, decrease every row by knitting 2 less than your multiple (in my case 10-2 or 8) then knit 2 together. Repeat to the end of the round. Next round, knit 1 stitch less (7 in my case) before the knit 2 together. Keep going until you have 2 stitches left for each decreases set.

Cut the yarn with a 12" tail, thread a blunt needle, draw up the stitches and fasten off.

Weave your ends in and meet me back here tomorrow!

Sparky would like her fans to know that the medicine made her sick and so she got new medicine from her real vet.

And she met a puppy there.

And she's staying right here until she feels better.

Or forever, whichever comes first.

Could you turn out the light, please. It's in her eyes.

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