Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Big Finish

Okay, you've decreased your toe and finished it off.

What's next?

Why, you need to seam up the heel.

Carefully stitch a back seam using any finish you like. (I sort of carefully whipped that seam together.) You can whip stitch, mattress stitch, slip stitch with a crochet hook. Just make sure that the seam is smooth. Otherwise, it won't be comfortable for your victim intended recipient.

Okay, time to try it on.

Remember that I told you the garter stitch would be stretchy? It is!

Time to decide.

Do you like the slipper with no cuff (eyes left).

It's actually pretty comfortable that way, but it's likely to be a little floppy.

I decided that a cuff was in order.

Cuff options: Ribbing. 1X1 will pull in, 2X2, not so much.

Corrugated ribbing (see my comments on a previous entry). This is so not an option as far as I am concerned.

Garter stitch? Maybe.

An eyelet round is good for little kid slippers to hold them on. (You'll need a string.)

Okay, I've decided that there will be a cuff. If this is your choice, pick up stitches around the top opening, 1 stitch per garter ridge and one for each cast on stitch.

If you are going to rib, you will want an appropriate number of stitches (multiple of 2 or 4). If you've chosen garter, anything goes.

If you're going to bobble, a multiple of 3 or 4 works well. You could probably also use a 5-stitch repeat.

Pick up that first round. If you are garter stitching, you'll knit and purl alternating rounds. Use some different colors (at least 3) that you've used in the foot. I'll be doing 3 garter rounds on these.

See you back here tomorrow for approximate measurements for other sizes (in case you don't have a little kid to measure) and recipes for bobbles and eyelets.


Finished mine! Thanks so much for the tutorial!
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