Sunday, January 06, 2008

Six Hours I'll Never Get Back

I realized early this morning that Sparky the Bob-tailed Wonder Cat was experiencing familiar, shall we say, "symptoms" that I won't bother to describe here, but will say involved cleaning that I had not intended to do with products designed to sanitize and neutralize.

I called the vet.

Hello! It's Sunday. But they refer to a "service" that shall hereafter be refered to as The Vet From Hell and Back (TVFH&B). I called.

It's a "walk in" (not unlike the place I get my hair cut, but only in that one respect).

It's a walk in and wait. And Wait. And Wait.

Because I had confidence in the perky little thing that took my call, the Other Half and I bundled Sparky up, did not gather books, or knitting, or even the ads from the local paper, and trucked her 45 minutes to TVFH&B, signed in, put a sizeable deposit down (yes, before we ever saw and semblance of veterinary care) and waited. In a big room with lots of large ailing dogs (she was the only cat in the place) peeing on things ("Wet clean up up front") and a totally out-of-control small boy who I would have stabbed had I thought to bring needles.

And we waited.

Let me say that the perky thing at the front desk told me that there was "about an hour's wait" when we signed in at 11:25 in the a.

At 5:50 in the p, we were back in the car heading home.

In between, we sat in the waiting room for over 2 hours and in a 10'X 12' "examining room for over 3 hours where we saw the vet for a total of 3 minutes and two techs for about 5 minutes total.

Sparky endured the indignity of No Litter Pan that entire time, the screeching of the totally out-of-control small boy, the dogs. We endured the Lack of Coffee, Lack of Water, Missed Lunch.

And then they gave us the bill that amounted to fully Three Times the sizeable deposit. Thank the FSM for Visa! They drew blood. Tried to get some pee to analyze (had they popped into the examining room a few minutes sooner, they could have collected a specimen right off the Other Hald's lap. Or the floor!) Took x-rays. Dispensed 28 pills. Baytril. That the perky little thing initially told me were "benedryl."

Like I said, six hours I will never get back!

We are all glad to be home.

Before we left, I finished these cuties. They are for The Tiny Prince of Wails. Wool. Washable. Filatura di Crosa 501.

I redid the cuffs a couple of times then settled for the bobbles that you see on the left.

I needed the cuffs to be snug but not pain inducing. The higher cuff was just too tight.

Coming soon: tutorial on these cute little slippers.

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Goes to show you, people will take more to have animals take care than people.....

Prince of Wails..Ha hahahaha
So sorry you and Sparky had to endure that trauma. Hope all will be well soon. Love the latest booties, especially the ones you ended up using with the bobbles.
They have the audacity to call that veterinary "care"? Poor Sparky, poor Sheep. With no knitting/food/water/reading to distract you it's a wonder you didn't murder the vet during that 3-minute visitation.
Oh dear. Having worked in emergency med for most of my 13.5 years in practice, I will at least say that Sundays are usually busy to the point of falling somewhere between overwhelming and clusterfuck, but that seems a bit much. And they made you pay when you came in the door? I've worked in an awful lot of emergency clinics, including in some shady neighborhoods, and I've never worked anywhere that did that.
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