Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Fitting Start To a New Year

Look what I found in the yarn basket (the one full of acrylic stuff that I use for knitting for the Shop of Mom) and for the charities that want that sort of thing)!

I vaguely remember casting this sweater from f. pea's free pattern fridays site. Scroll down. This one is called Super-Natural Stripes.

I didn't use the natural fiber the pattern calls for, but rather, three shades of Red Heart.

Here's the single button.

It and the crocheted loop were all that kept this sweater from being a 2007 FO!

I made quick work of the loop. It took longer to decide on a button and to sew it on.

Everyone should have a project like this waiting in the wings. It gets the new year off to a rousing start, finishing-wise.

And here are the Baby Mocs I started last night.

Yep, they're finished, too! January 1 and I have 2 FOs under my belt already! W00T!

Okay, a quick rundown of these babies. Look at that cute little braid. That's Kristin Nicholas' way of dealing with some of the loose ends. I gotta say: I like it! Really, really like it!

The corrugated rib (the vertical red and dark at the cuff), not so much.

I have always felt sort of lukewarm on this particular color work. I am so glad that I tried it out on something tiny (6 rows, 28 stitches X 2) rather than a me-size sweater in shetland-weight wool!

That said, these mocassins are a hoot to look at and a lot more fun to knit than the Girl Scouts Slipper pattern. I see a lot of them in my (near) future. There are dozens of variations on this basic theme and none of them have to involve corrugated ribbing.

Did I mention that there's a Challenge? How could I drop that ball?

February Challenge for Cheyenne River is Heet the Feet (misspelling deliberate). The Native American Support group will be sending slippers, socks, tights, shoes, boots, booties et al to the reservation during February.

Are you a sock knitter? Do you like to make slippers?

Join the fun!

You can join the group or just knit and send. (Email me at for a mailing address if you decide not to join the group.)

Okay, now Sparky says:

Do something good for a furry friend. Go here and read about her virtual (never met in real life, Phoebe's a dawg for lord's sake!) friend who is down on her luck. Toss a little something her way, please. And if you can't make a money donation, think a good thought for Phoebe and her Master.


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Way to go! Both the sweater and the mocs are adorable.
Both are adorable! And the braid is perfect!
I love them Ann. You are so talented! I'll start knitting for the project as soon as I complete a bag I have to finish.
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