Saturday, January 05, 2008

Put Your Best Food Forward

Blog readers responded so remarkably to the Mittnz Challenge that I thought I'd offer the opportunity to Do A Good Thing during the winter.

The Native American Support group will be having it's annual Heet the Feet (is there an echo in here?) blitz during February. Another member is organizing this effort.

The idea is to provide new slippers, booties, socks, tights, pantyhose etc. in quantity to keep feet warm. They are also sending gently used shoes and boots. Socks, slippers, and booties can be handmade or purchased.

There will be prizes! There will be prizes for members of the group who send their stuff between February 1 and 29 (so join the group to get in on these) for one random Member Who Mailed, for the Person Sending the Largest Number of Handmade Socks, Slippers, and/or Booties, and ::drumroll:: People's Choice Award for the cutest/coolest/most wonderful pair.

Since I know that not everyone who reads here wants to join Yet Another Group, how 'bout we do the People's Choice thing here, too?

Blog Readers will have a chance at Yet Another Fabulous Prize?

Here are the rules:

1) Knit or buy foot covers for the Reservation, now through the end of February.

2) Send me a photo of your Very Best Pair of Foot Covers. They can be hand made or purchased, but only one entry per person, so photograph the cutest, or wildest, or funniest, or funnest. (Send to the photo to with Heet The Feet Entry in the subject line.)

3) Mail that pair (and any others you've made or bought) to the Reservation by February 29. I'd love to hear how many (total) you send (and any other warm things you might choose to send). Only socks, slippers, booties will be judged for this Challenge, though.

On March 1 (or thereabouts) I will post the pictures and call for People's Choice votes right here at Sheep Shots.

A fabulous fiber-related prize will be awarded to the sock/slipper/bootie knitter/crocheter who garners the most votes. Note: you can enter a picture of ones you've bought, or ones you've made, but only one picture per person.

If you're not inclined to make them, all the stores have piles of slippersocks on clearance now that Christmas is over.

I found these cuties at the grocery store yesterday for a dollar!

The bear heads are stuffed. There are skid-proof dots on the bottoms. They'll delight someone and keep her (assuming here) feet toasty.

So, what can you find and mail? What can you knit and mail?

(The moccasin at the top of this entry is my second pair. I really am loving this stashbuster!)

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I appreciate your challenges. They remind me to knit for CRR. Is it possible for you to have a Challenge button? Something to put on the blog so folks can get back to your blog? If I had any talent in the area I would make one for you. (Just what you needed, something else to do)
I think you should make your Mocassin Socks your Heet The Feet Challenge Button! They are just too cute!
Your little mocs should already win the prize - what your be cuter or more cheerful? I do love the teddy bear slipper socks, though. Sigh... I'm nearly done with my first pair of slippers, but they're in a lovely (truly) shade of brown. And we all know brown never wins any prizes...
Don't know for sure about that, Amy, I really like brown! And besides, Ann's flashy color use doesn't count for me unless she gets down and shows us some really crazy way to USE PINK!

Debbie in Indiana
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