Friday, January 04, 2008

Wax On, Wax Off

If you are looking for pictures, this isn't the place. Just saying.

Please allow me to wax philiosophical for a moment.

Tuesday this week was a holiday. (It was last week, too, if anyone checked the calendar.) That means that we had Monday on Monday (Monday being the Day From Hell each week), and we had another Monday on Wednesday. We didn't get Hump Day (Wednesday) until Thursday.

No wonder I am so wiped out!

Whoever decided (in the US, and perhaps elsewhere, like in our Neighbor To the North) that holidays should occur on Mondays was onto something.

I agree, holidays should be on Mondays. Next year, both of the holidays we just experienced will be on... Thursdays. So we will have a Monday and a Hump Day and a Wednesday-that-thinks-its-a-Friday, and then to top it all off, a combination of Monday and Friday which should get us all spinning out of control.

And then we get to do it all again the next week.
Oh no, up here in Canada it was all screwy this year too.

Next year I'm just going to try to be smarter and book the whole shooting match off with holiday days. It was just too weird this year. I swear, we've had 4 Mondays in the last two weeks and I'm confused and cranky from it. it's Friday again?@!?! I need a cocktail.
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