Monday, January 07, 2008

Shall We Knit-A-Long?

For those of you who have expressed interest in learning how these moccasins are made, I am deconstructing the pattern and providing insights so that you can make your own.

It really isn't difficult.

If you'd like to knit along with me, please do.

You'll need several colors of worsted weight ack or wool or a blend. Cotton might work, but it won't be as warm. It's helpful if you have the ball band for at least one color, because it will give you a starting point for gauge. No matter what the suggested needle size, go down, down, down. My ball band says 17 stitches to 4" on size 8s. I'm shooting for 5.5-6 stitches to the inch and I'm using 5s.

You'll need straight needles and double points in the same size.

You will need:

A tape measure to measure the foot of your victim intended recipient.

Measure first, the distance from the middle of your inner ankle bone, down across the bottom of your heel, to the middle of your outer ankle bone.

Write down that number. (8)

Multiply that number by the stitches per inch you are aiming for (mine=6 so 8X6=48)

Cast on that many stitches loosely.

Then, to determine how long to make the stripey heel portion of your moccasin, measure again.

This time, from the middle of the back of the victim's heel across the middle of the ankle bone (not where the tape is showing in the photo! Up higher!!) to almost the center of the front of the foot.

That is how long you will be knitting the heel portion of the moccasin.

Decide what colors (as many as you want, but at least 2) to make the heel, and start garter stitching flat (knit every row.

Don't join yet. Don't slip the first stitch of the row, tempting as it is. That edge will be covered and the slip stitch will cause you grief down the road.

If you get to the end of your knitting, grab another pair of needles (same size) and start your second moc.

We'll come back to this KAL tomorrow, I promise with the join and knit in rounds.

Polish up your double points, you'll need them in the next step.


Hey, Ann -- for those of us who were just blown away by the disgustingly cute baby mocs, and who have no available baby, would you be willing to tell us approximate inches for those measurements? I don't think that would give away too much that's in the pattern. . . I'd buy it if I could find it.
I second Elizabeth's request. I'd like to make the littler ones... Of course I suppose I could just measure my two year old grand daughter's foot.... But why do it myself when I know you'd be happy to do it for me?

(ala recent Knitlist posts)
Great explanation so far. Thanks so much for doing this. I hope to join in after I finish my current pair of slippers.
Hey thanks! Now I don't have to burden my brain to make a larger pair!
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