Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hop. Hop, Hop

If you are knitting for a cherished baby, particularly if he's a winter baby, don't listen to the voices telling you "babies grow so fast" and "make it big enough to wear next winter."

Fact is, winter babies can't be swaddled 24/7. Winter babies need sweaters that fit!

So, rather than cast on for the spring sweater season, I followed my gut and Daddy's desire for "something easy to get on" the Tiny Prince of Wails and cast on this Bunny Hop Side Wrap Kimono this morning.

I don't have the Crystal Palace yarn called for in the pattern. As much as I love angora, it doesn't love me (itchy eyes, runny nose, gignormous screaming red welts), so I cast on in the On-Line Linie 121 Summertime that I mentioned in the last post. (Did I also mention that I bought 4 bags of this stuff in one of the full bag blow-outs last summer?)

It was always intended to be baby things. It's incredibly soft and mooshy. The fabric resembles French Terry.

I have 2 bags (20 balls) of lemon and a bag each (another 20 balls) of midnight (navy) and grenadine (red-orange) that I was am hoping to make into at least one little "bubble suit" and matching jacket. That will have to wait, though. This Rowan-skin will have to be knit soon now!

Car knitting, here I come!

I will be blogging sporadically over the next week. I don't expect there will be pictures (I'll post a lot of them when I return).


Have fun canoodling with the Prince. I'm off to see my newest grandson in March and can't wait!
That's lovely. I have added it to my Ravelry queue, because, you know, I don't have enough things to knit.

I have a friend whose sister is having a baby. She shall get one of these kimonos. Thank you!
Ann, please read my blog for the 26th, okay?
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