Monday, January 28, 2008

Slightly Damp, Smelling of Puke*

. . .and deaf in my left ear.

What a great vacation!

Did you miss me?

Yes, I really have been gone for a whole week. I thought briefly about remote blogging sans photos. I checked my work email on Tuesday, saw I had a major report due this Friday, then closed up the Not-So-New Daughter In Law's laptop and forgot all about work, the Intertubes, and everything!

Wow! That's a first for me.

I did a little knitting (not much). Evidence to the left (over there). That's Koigu Merino (the handpainted stuff) in (probably) color 444.

We shall refer to these sockies as "Rowan's $12 Socks." Then we shall never speak of that again (certainly not in front of Daddy or Daddo, at least).

There was another pair in Emu Superwash (very, very red --and other colors). There is no picture. Live with it!

I believe I will be making a few more pairs for the Tiny Prince of Wails. Barefoot season is still months away!

And here they are on his skinny little legs.

Fact is, the foot fits. (The kid has big feets!)

The leg, however. . .Kneesocks, anyone?

I spent the week holding the little guy, feeding, burping (him, not me!) and generally playing the World's Best Mammo while his Mama sorted through stuff and attempted to organize all the stuff that was just moved into the new house.

Can you imagine: new house, new baby, and husband called to active duty, all in about 6 weeks?

And not going crazy?

Me, either!

But here's the guy that keeps us grounded.

How could anyone be nuts with that sweet little guy?

He is two and a half months old now. (Someone said that a sign of maturity is dropping the "and a half" from your age.)

And it will be a while before I see him in person again.

This is me. Being sad.

Being back at work will do that to ya!

Yes, that's Koigu on his little head, too. The hat was a bonus. $12 socks and a free hat!

*And I wasn't even drinking!

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He is absolutely beautiful! And darn lucky to have a knitting Grandmother. The socks look perfect for him too.
And worth every PENNY of those $12 socks (and free hat). Hope you get to do lots more of them for his growing feet.
It's hard not having your grands nearby.... I'm counting the days till I get to visit my youngest in March!
Welcome back! If he doesn't deserve Koigu, then no one on this planet does. What a cutie! Glad you had a great visit, sorry you don't get to see him more often.
He is so beautiful. Nice socks!
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