Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Day After Caterday

The Sheepie Household has been taken over by cattly toys.

Sparky got Undercover Mouse for Christmas. She spent the last 2+ weeks trying to decide what she thinks of it.

It rustles. It moves. It makes a funny noise.

Yesterday, she got a little closer and by George, I think she likes it!

See that feathery thing in the lower left corner? It "runs" around the yellow circle in fits and starts, just like a real mouse.

Sort of.

Or like Bed Mice.

I have a confession to make.

The Magical Moccasins are the creation of the wonderful colorist who also wrote the book (eyes left) that I got last week.

This book is terrific. There's nothing else I can say!

I will probably never knit any of the 27 projects, but I am truly inspired to break out of my brown/gray/ beige color scheme and knit something full of fantastic colors.

Oh. wait! Moccasins!

I am looking forward to curling up with Kristin Knits!

I got this, too, because, you know, free shipping if you spend $25.

It's inspiring in a different way and I'm pretty sure that I will cast on more than a few of the projects to use up odd balls of yarn.

Probably for the reservation.

And for gifts.

And for me! Just like they are written. Imagine!

I will say, though that I consider it a bit "cheaty" when some of the single skeins are 300+ meters of Worsted Weight.

And what would Caterday be without a little shopping expedition?

We hit Borders (not very hard; we like them, after all) because there was a rumor that this was a particularly excellent issue of Piecework.

It is, oh, it is.

All knitting! The entire thing! It's a skinny one (48 pages, only, and $5.99) but worth it. So worth it!.

Rovaniemi Mittens (and mitts), Poetry Mittens (the ones with the verse knitted in), a lovely Estonian scarf, Lithuanian baby mittens, a pair of men's gloves, and an Ann Budd sweater.

Lots that I might actually make!

Then, these were these calling my name.

British, all of them. Sealed in plastic. Hmmm.

But I had it on good authority that Simply Knitting had a pattern for Shaun the Sheep. I should have paid closer attention.

Shaun made his appearance in the December issue. This is January's! ::poop::

The issue of Simply Knitting was disappointing on a number of levels, besides the non-Shaun. Clearly, the "best" patterns were featured in the ads. Patterns in this issue included a Rowan Big Wool jacket, A kid's "argyle" vest with "wings" where the armholes belong, a Louisa Harding cardigan shown off-the- shoulder on the model, a pillow, some Barbie clothes (the Alan Dart pattern for this issue), a knitted wire necklace that looks for all the world like a lacy version of a spiked bulldog collar,a crochet shopping bag, and a pair of socks. There was a set of yarn/sheep-themed postcards to make up for some of the disappointment. It didn't.

Knitting, on the other hand, started off with three cardigans (one I might knit) and a lacy tunic. Of course, there were the lacy leggings that made me scratch my head and vow "never!, a knit beaded choker, a big square floor cushion and a ruffled tea cozy that is not on my to-do list. There are a cute, well-fitting vest (dk weight fair isle with proper armholes) and a tunic length "jumper" for kids, 2 pairs of socks--one kid size, one for adults, 4 Christmas stockings. There was a "Gift Supplement" that include patterns for knee socks (Joan McGowan-Michael), slippers (Erika Knight), a lovely beaded evening bag, and a hat, glove, scarf set.

Clearly, at least to me, Knitting is a better value than Simply Knitting.

I will leave it to all of you to decide which makes sense for you (or maybe neither will), but get the Piecework, or at least look through it. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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I purchased the Jan. Simply Knitting issue and was disappointed as well. I do love the magazine overall--this was just a lame issue and you're right about the cards being lame as well. Oh well, there is always next month's issue to look forward to!
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