Saturday, March 18, 2006

It's been a really quiet day. No errands to run except to return last night's video and a quick trip to the Tree to put together a new employee "survival kit" for one of my staff who is moving on to greener pastures. (Good for her!)

I discovered a little earlier that a bridge (dental) is loose which means I will need to schedule a trip to the dentist ASAP.

I found new slipper patterns here. I am making the T-minus, but Grandma's Ugly Afghan Slipper Sock and Bulls Eye Short Rows Slipper Sock are in the queue as well.

So far, it doesn't look like much. This is the first attempt, though and the pattern offers several suggestions for jazzing it up. I suspect I'll be making more of these!

Here's the progress so far on Diamonds. There are 6 diamonds around (it'll be seamless) and 4 tiers high to the v-neck (or 6 if I decide to go tunic length, after determining that I have enough yarn). I've had this yarn for a while; getting more is probably not an option.

I am not making any effort to match color on the diamonds. That is, I am letting the color stripes fall where they will. The taupe base yarn will carry the day. I've been looking around for purty color tees to wear underneath.

Last night when I ripped back on the upper right diamond, it was because my stitch count left and right of the markers didn't match, Carrie, not because I dislike to color or the way the color is falling. My diamond was coming out lopsided, and since each diamond is built on the ones that came before, they all need to be identical in size and shape.

Some of us live for the weekend!
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