Monday, March 27, 2006

Little Things Mean a Lot!

Today is the third day of my March 3-day.

I started the day by sleeping (or at least remaining prone) until the unheard of time of 6 a.m. Repeatedly shoving the cat (who was perched firmly on my chest) made this possible.

Today, I will:

Get a haircut, and maybe even a leetle bit of color (or not)

Go to the post office to mail some packages

Do our taxes

Clean the shower (I wonder if some of the toxic waste under the kitchen sink is really as good as the labels would have you believe.)

Make brownies

Make a big pot of bean soup

In the meantime, here's the surplice sweater -- that' s-u-r-p-l-i-c-e--Day 2.

Knitters who have made the s-u-r-p-r-i-s-e sweater will notice the difference in shaping.

The row of eyelets along the bottom edge is the expandable feature.

I am looking at a bright turquoise i-cord edging and little turquoise buttons with duckies from my gignormous button stash acquisition of a couple months ago.

Who would have thought that having another 547 buttons to choose from wouldn't have produced 10 or 15 great pairs. . . But these will be just fine. I will not buy more buttons. Nope. Not! No more. None. Use the ones I have.

I'm really starting to wish I had used any-other-yarn. Any. Even ack!

This was an experiment. Finger puppets in leftover yarn scraps. (Leftover yarn=pieces big enough to make something from. Leftover yarn scraps=less than that)

I took an idea from Knitty ("puppers") and winged (wong?) it.

Mr. Bear needs the rest of his face, but you can get the idea.

These are for a one-time-only expansion of Ship Support to "winning hearts and minds."

Recipe: Make a 16-20 stitch tube about 2.5-3" tall, draw up the top. Embellish. Use 'animal colors" or "fantasy animal colors." I used size 5 needles and worsted weight yarn. Way less than an ounce per puppet.

Now where in the heck is my embroidery floss?
I slept until 8:30am, possibly because of the lack of oxygen (Hezekiah was sleeping on my neck).

Mr Elephant and Mr Bear are cute!
The elephant and bear are very cute, but you know if I tried to make one I would end up with a pink knitted tampon.

Happens every time.
Cute puppets, The surplice baby sweater is coming along quickly.
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