Sunday, March 05, 2006

Confessions Are Good For the Soul

Every month, on the 5th, I update my Yarn Countdown (see sidebar -- read 'em and weep). This month is no different, but the totals are somewhat upsetting. They are going up, not coming down!

Clearly, I should give up buying yarn for Lent. (Right! The last time I gave up something for Lent I was in 6th grade. And the fast lasted about as long as my New Year's Resolutions!)

Not that I need to explain to anyone but Visa, I feel that some sort of explanation is probably in order.

I revised my amounts of Cervinia Sorrento (the ack that I use for "community knitting") downward. I now can count only 31 balls of 100% ack in the countable stash. That's still a lot, about a 4 month supply.

I eliminated the ABM Fluffy. Five huge balls of wool/ack that are being knitted up as we speak. There's less than 1/2 ball total left and the project (Big Yellow Baby Blankie) is nearly complete. My rules allow me to remove any ball of yarn that I've "broken" from the spread sheet.

Okay, so why did the total increase so dramatically? Simple:

The Leftover Kool Wool is now "stash." That's 25 balls (so, I overbought a little!) and nearly a mile (1500 yards).

I bought this month. Yep. Some Noro Kureyon, some Southwest Trading Company Optimum, and some Filatura Di Crosta Diwa. All are planned projects, and by my rules should not be stashed--yet. That's a mile and a quarter and all "good stuff."

Some other stuff I bought early in the month is now added to the stash (sock yarns, mostly).

And speaking of sock yarn, I counted 71 balls! That's particularly scary until I clarify that I use sock wool for some of my "baby knitting." Little sweaters look and feel so much more cozy in wool, and sock wool can be abused without felting/fulling and shrinking.

Work continues on the Koigu (which was not spreadsheeted--is that a word?) since I am using up several "broken balls." Film at 11.
I should make a spreadsheet of my yarn, but the very idea scares me! BTW, would you mind sharing your favorite baby patterns using fingering weight yarn? I scoured the web for a cardi pattern using this lighter weight yarn without much success. Thanks.
I love how we all make rules and excuses for our yarn stash. Broken skeins are not stash, assigned skeins are not stash, sock yarn is not stash. Anything within the confines of my house are not stash.
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