Saturday, March 11, 2006

You Just Know

Sometimes, fate deals you a hand you'd like to throw back.

Such was the case when Skacel "new and improved" their larger size Addi Turbos a few years back. They replaced the cord with some plastic tubing shit that grabbed and stuck and tugged at every stinkin' yarn it got near.

I was among the fortunate few who got these puppies before they came to their senses and went back to "old and reliable." I say "fortunate" because I bought (sight unseen via the Internet) only one, a 40" size 11.

I hate, despise, loathe and detest it!

This afternoon, while I was car-knitting (The Other Half was driving), it broke!

I would happy dance, but the big yellow blankie was OTN at the time!

No stitches were lost.

The knitting of the yellow mitered blankie came to an abrupt halt around 2 when it was

As soon as I arrived home (where other, shorter, 11s were available) I finished the round and off I bound. (Sorry!)

It's about 28" X 40". Not as big as I wanted, but I was running out of yarn anyway, so what the hell!
It looks great! And I'm glad you lost a needle you hate, without having to go through the guilt of actually ... gasp ... tossing something out!
nice blanket, Ann
nice blanket,Ann

Well now that "blankie" is done!
And the same thing happened to me with some new Bryspuns, not once, but twice! I returned them the 2nd time and ordered two patterns instead.
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