Monday, March 13, 2006

Knitting Ass

With apologies to Rabbitch who called her lace shawl WIP something like "boiled ass" during the Olympics. (She's making--and selling--these nifty stitch markers. Hop on over and look, then come back. I'll wait.)

After much mulling, I settled on a project to make for the 40th (ohmygawd!) high school reunion prize pool.

Branching Out in Elann's Peruvian Collection Baby Silk (salmon) .

It was a hard decision, and I had several other scarves on the needles, including some that were boy or girl types.

But when push came to shove, alpaca and silk won. Hands down!

And on a sweaterly note, I believe I may have mentioned that, though my gauge may be just right, this sweater wasn't going to fit.

Well, thanks to the stetchiness of knit, it's very possible that I could have gotten it on, but breathing was going to be a totally different issue! And I didn't wear stuff tight even when I had the body to do that!

So I cast on more stitches and made another diamond. It's the bigger one underneath. I'll save the small one, but won't frog unless I needthe yarn.

And here it is in all it's glory.

Carrie, it's not the color I wasn't sure about (let me go on record: I love this color!). I expected the individual blocks to be square. They aren't. They're more elongated. Sort of squarish teardrops.

I think it's the stockinette rows that do that.

I figure that if I do one square a day, I can wear this top with a tee-shirt before it gets to hot, then, depending on the neckline and the arm holes (and the condition of my arms!) without the tee later into the summer.

I should be finished by mid-April.
Ah. Yeah, it is a bit.....not square. But pretty.

I didn't like tight stuff when I looked good in it either and now? Hate it.

Branching Out looks gorgeous. Nice prize. 40th, eh? It's kind of shocking when I start figuring out dates lately. More things happened more than 20 years ago than I ever would have thought possible.
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