Thursday, March 23, 2006


And here they are, the finished T-Minus slipper socks. You can see the short row treatment if you look carefully. (Right around the ankle area)

Have you ever seen such white skin?

Here are some odds and ends pictures (I used to post these on the first of the month or thereabouts). Sort of a "keep me honest" photo of the current UFOs.

To the left, (blue) the mitten cast on. To the right, (green) a now-finished POC block for Ship Support. (I have a new one going in a deep wine red.)

And the other baskets of goodies: the center-out blankie, the Diamond Patch sweater, the T-Minus slipper socks (now finished--see above). Not shown: the salmon silk "Branching Out" scarf.

Not much in the UFO pile at the moment, but I have plans. Oh, do I have plans!

And here's one (or is it 3?) of the "plans"-- the infamous Reunion set.

Yes, our high school colors really were canary and blue. Yes, royal blue.

:humming: True may we stand, both to you and canary and blue. (And yes, I still remember the tune!)

I am currently filling my time with this ServSafe class for "food handlers." Tonight was class #2 and I added several more foods and some handling practices to my list of never agains.

Just wait until we get to the part about "backwash." Trust me when I tell you that you do not want to know.
i worked in foodservice for 20 years, and was obliged to take the safserv course as a part of my culinary arts degree, as well. and until you've WORKED in a professional kitchen, you ahve not lived! i gave up being oogy years ago, other wise i'd never eat! and you don't know what can happen with chocolate or soda (i heard about a mouse in a diet coke bottle once)
Hey, I love these socks, they turned out so great! You sure have some knitting left to do in the next days... months... years to come, looking forward to seeing any progress photos you're about to share!
Have fun knitting, and best wishes from Austria!
hmmm...'white skin'--noted. that's why us 'suthrin' folk invented tanning booths! And after 100 yrs since HS, I'm amazed you can still remember THAT little ditty! The colors are pretty, and I'm looking forward to your special, creative touch! Caio!
I don't want to know.

The T-minus slippers turned out great! And yes, I've seen skin that white. On my legs. Oh, for the days of tanning and the time to do it in.

Pretty mittens! That should look good in canary yellow and royal blue. I like that combo.
Good thing Blogger finally let you post photos. My blog for the 23rd says the same thing as yours: no photos, Blogger won't let me!
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