Thursday, March 23, 2006

Is It Just Me?

Blogger won't let me upload photos :wah:

I have several to show you, Gentle Readers, includingthe pile of UFOs that grows daily.

I have cast on the Reunion Mitten and another POC square for Ship Support. The Center Out Blankie is bigger than it was. The Summer Top has another diamond. The slipper socks (T-Minus) are finished.

And I am pleased to report that I made my mammo appointment (late April was the soonest they could--are you ready?--squeeze me in) so Janice made me my very own cussword:


It's mine, all mine! And I will use it wisely!
Ann, I am trying so hard to understand this new language,writing a blog, what on earth is Assgoblin?

I am assuming that you ring finger is getting better, mine hurts too, but that's for another reason, the big A has started. I love all your knitting, that is why I keep looking in, I am also totally mazed at the amount of time you have to knit and blog and run a list, help me! Rita
Assgoblin is the correct nomenclature for weeks away appts that one does not want to go to in the first place.

Blogger is evil. It took forever for it to load pictures for me the other day and I hadn't actually realized that they posted.

I hope it comes to its senses because I want to see the T-Minus slippers in their finished glory.

Might I suggest a finger guard? Possibly Mark Harmon before West Wing killed him off as CJ's body guard?
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