Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Baby Sweaters and Other Answers

Jane asked about favorite baby sweater patterns.

I like the Babies and Bears and the Infant's Hooded Cardigan (from More Projects for the Community and Family) both by Cottage Creations. Both can be made in worsted weight for relatively quick baby shower gifts. (Babies and Bears offers options, by changing yarn weight and needle size, for newborn through 36 month, and there's also an adult version!)

But Jane really wanted to know about fingering (sock yarn) weight. I love Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Sweater on Two Needles; Practically Seamless, the February offering in Knitter's Almanac. It starts at the neck, and is worked downward with gull stitch panels. So pretty. Color makes it "boy" or "girl." (I like white (cream) or red, or a good strong blue. Kelly green is good, too!)

This one calls for "double knitting/sport" yarn, whatever that is, and size 3 needles. A heavier sock weight (Koigu, anyone?) perhaps.

This one also calls for "sport" yarn, but includes directions for using "baby" weight.

And this one by the same designer (Carole Barenys) just calls for stripes and little stranded motifs or flowers embroidered on! Call it a canvas!

I also like enjoyed making the Baby Bear "poncho" from IK (Summer 2001). It was, in fact, the first baby sweater I made in sock wool. (It's sort of a-line, more a poncho-with-sleeves.) Check the October 2004 archives for pictures in progress. Blogger won't let me drop one in tonight.

Sorcha and Carrie both commented about the stash. I challenge you both to dig all of yours out and pile it in one room. Then you can start to catalog! And, like me, you will make rules so you don't seem quite so totally cracked. You'll know you are off the deep end when you have 4 separate spreadsheets so that you can sort by gauge, yardage, and fiber. The 4th? That's in alphabetical order by manufacturer. Me? Obsessive? Only a little.
honey, if i piled all my yarn on the floor in one room, i'd never be able to go to another part of hte house. i have INSANE amounts of yarn (alot of it ack for charity). sigh, i don't think 4 spreadsheets would cover it. not by half.
Ah, thanks for all the baby sweater links. I did look at that one in the EZ book, and have it marked for future reference. It turns out that I must be the only brain dead idiot in the universe who really wants to make baby sweaters with fingering weight yarns, because they don't seem to exist any more. However, in the depth of my pattern notebook, I found a baby sweater pattern written out in either my mom's or grandma's handwriting. I've converted it to seamless construction and am happy as a clam. However, lacking only the sleeves to finish, I finally realize why no one wants to knit fingering weight baby sweaters - the take too darn long! But it's cute.
I cannot pile my stash in one room. I tried. And then I re-stashed (read hidden) most of it. I once read that some sectional furniture is ideal for stuffing with yarn. And I do enjoy the occasional surprise when I rediscover something. Also there is the reproduction factor. Yarn left alone for a long period does indeed reproduce itself.
I could probably pile it all in one room (I think) but it would involve finding all the hiding places and also? No deniability.

Okay, I admit it. I'm just afraid to see what I actually have.
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