Sunday, March 19, 2006

Random Thoughts

Well, Blogger photo upload is crapping, er, timing out again this morning. What's up with that? (Okay, you get what you pay for.)

I'll keep trying, but don't hold your breath!

I finished all but the seaming on the slipper pictured in yesterday's entry. It really is a cool design. Link to pattern in yesterday's entry, yarn is Cervinia Sorrento from Smiley's.

Caution: there's one (okay, 2) very obvious errors in the stitch count on the short row section. Rows 19 and 20 are each off by one stitch in the count. If you are paying any attention at all while you are kntting, it will be very obvious. Row 19 should read "K 35" and Row 20 should read "K 34."

Here's the finished short row section.

Toe is on the right.

Remember the giant mitered square I wrote about on February 18? I was planning to use up Pound of Crap sportweght with all my odd ball bits of worsted weight to make another odd ball blankie.

You will be shocked to hear that I actually did unravel the whole mess and start over. . .from the center out.

Okay, regular readers were expecting that announcement.

I'm making some nice progress (it's about 17" square at this point) and I have lots of odds and ends to work in.

In the time between writing that sentence and getting Blogger to upload these 4 pictures, I've added another band of color and started the second slipper.

I've read all of my e-mail, played about 100 games of Marble Drop and browsed half a dozen websites looking for bras.

So, time well spent, I think!
Obvious to who? I tend to oblivious.

The Diamonds look good! The slipper looks......functional? Damned by faint praise. I like the dark brown color.
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