Friday, March 10, 2006

The end of last week was brutal, so there was knitting but not much (wait, no, none, nada) in the way of blogging.

I tried something different in car knitting and discovered that garter-in-the-round doesn't compute with a commute as well as stockinette.

But I finished 3 pieces for the April Ship Support mailing and called it "good enough." I am not satisfied with any of these. I hate the pattern I used for the slippers on the left. I need to find "Old Faithful." It's here somewhere.

I cast on the Diamond Patch Sweater, and though I really love the way the yarn (Filatura di Crosta Sarah) shades, I do not like the way it miters. I'm not sure if it's the pattern (not straight garter, but some stockinette thrown in) or the yarn (cotton, ack, and nylon). In any event, this is my gauge swatch and I need to make it bigger because it elongated and isn't wide enough. (Sweater size is determined by the size/width of the individual squares/diamonds.) Fortunately, the designer (Jill Vosburg) allowed for that contingency in the pattern. I will be casting on more stitches.

And in case that doesn't work out, I have a back-up plan! It's all mitered squares set horizontal. I'd make it 1) as a pullover and 2) all in the same yarn.

(Pattern from Knitting With Bits and Pieces from House of White Birches)
What don't you like about the colorway? It looks fine to me. Would it look the same in the actual size?

I like your back up plan pattern.
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