Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Progress, or Lack Thereof

Only a Crazy Person knits while actually driving at 65 miles per hour. I am not crazy!

Half my day was spent in the car, okay 3 of my 9 working hours, so say, one-third of my day was spent in the car. As the sole occupant, I was the driver. No knitting happened.

At my destination, no knittiing also happened, or rather, knitting also did not happen, or something. Five hour meeting. But I am the group's secretary. And the recorder was absent. Must transcribe minutes. Tomorrow.

Tonight, we watched the TiVo'd Sopranos episode. Knitting happened. See?

Basic knitting on the tiny surplice sweater is done, and surprisingly, the Saucy Sport seems to either be softening from my sweaty hands, or is growing on me.

I used a 3 needle bind off to seam the sleeve/shoulder. The back neck and cuffs are on waste yarn. I'll do a ribbed cuff and an i-cord trim and call this puppy ready for the soak and spin treatment.

It's kind of cute.

And now, I must study. Things like "hot-holding" and re-serving, and timely replenishment. And Salmonella. And Campylobacteriosis.

I will never view food the same way again.
I suppose there's no point in coming to visit any time soon, seeing you're no longer eating food in your house, hmm?

Cute sweater, btw.
the sweater is cute, and that's not a "baby" color by any stretch of the imagination. i would wear it!

and just get use to it. you get over the grodiness eventually, and even go out to eat on occasion!
It is a cute sweater and now every time I see it I think surplice-with-an-l.

Yes, you'll probably get past it. When I took my micro class I was washing everything all the time and when I took physio and we dissected a couple of people - lets just say that people fat looks a lot like chicken fat and people parts? Beef.

You don't drive and knit? Simultaneously?
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