Sunday, March 26, 2006

Whadda Ya Mean, "No Progress?"

Here's a picture of the mitone at bedtime last night. It sure does look exactly like it did yesterday. What's it to ya?

I am pleased to report that the Peruvian Collection HIghland Wool withstands repeated trips to the frog pond with good grace and humor and (so far, knock wood) does not pill.

How many trips? I lost count. But who would have expected that the pattern repeat on that "sun" part of the pattern is 5-1-5-1-9-1-5-1-10-1-5-1-9-1-5-1-5? :coff: The graph is beyond tiny.

Tiny does't even begin to describe how very small those little bitty squares are!

So I salved my soul by starting something new. (Stop pretending you are surprised!)

Little surplice sweater designed by Elizabeth Zimmerman, discovered in her papers by her daughter and published as Wool Gathering #50 (now Spun Out #43) and as a feature in Knitters 47 (Summer 1997).

I am using Reynolds Saucy Sport in sage, a real break from usual "dress no infant in pastels" mantra, but this is a sort of sophisticated pastel.

Update because of the comment left earlier today: This is not the SURPRISE sweater, it is the SURPLICE sweater! Two different patterns. Two different sweaters.

According to Meg, this pattern dates from about the same time (1968), but was discovered and published in 1994, before her mother's death, but after she became very frail.

The yarn is quite stiff. I am hoping that a good soak and spin will remove a lot of the sizing. If this isn't sizing, I'm toast! (So, I'll be back to the frog pond and will reuse the yarn to make dishcloths!) No, I didn't swatch. Why?
The surprise sweater was published by Elizabeth Zimmermann in l968 a full 30 years before her death.
I want to cast on something new. I want my UFO to finish themselves too.

At least anonymous was wrong anonymously. But still, wrong. Wrong! Ha.
Swatching is for the weak.
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