Monday, March 06, 2006

Time For Something Different

After the excitement of Olympic Knitting, it was sort of hard to get back to the dipsh*t stuff that is the "white bread" of my knitting. But, of course, I did.

Ship Support needs stuff every month as the military rotates the soldiers and sailors in and out of "the Sandbox."

Summer will be there before we know it. In fact, it's already 78 (today) in Doha, and 80 in Baghdad. Not so many hats needed then. It's time for the seamstresses to start making "cool ties."

And this will be my last hat until fall.

Slippers, though, are welcome year 'round, so I broke out this classic pattern and started a pair.

I need to find another pattern once I finish #2, because these are truly not doing anything for me.

I like to make stuff that looks good and feels good in addition to being functional. One out of 3 isn't good enough!

And just because it's almost summer (and I'm not in a yarn-buying mode at the moment), I started going through the "summer yarn stash" and found this nicely aged Filatura di Crosta "Sarah."

It's mostly cotton with some Ack and nylon, so it should make up nicely. Worsted weight. Size 7s. (After a 3-week battle with 3s, I'm ready!)

I found this pattern in the pattern stash: Just One More Row "Diamond Patch Sweater." Wouldn't it be cute over a little tee?

Or the long-sleeve "San Francisco Shirttail," but Im thinking that I have a nice cranberry cotton for that one.

Decisions, decisions.

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