Friday, March 17, 2006

Never Surrender

Halfway up the newest diamond, I noticed that my stitches left and stitches right of the marker do not match so I frogged that diamond and started over.

On that diamond.

Email about the scarf (salmon) that I am (or was) making as a reunion prize has gone unanswered by the organizers. Figuring that they noticed I was failing to follow directions (school colors--canary and blue), I have (yet again) re-thunk and have ordered wool from Elann to make a chulo (earflap hat) and matching mittens. In canary and blue. The scarf will be mine to keep or give.

We watched The Goblet of Fire last night. It was good, but definitely not suitable (my opinion--YMMV) for little guys. Images that are graphic in print are often too graphic on the screen. But Harry lived to fight another day.
I'm still disappointed there are no goblins.
Of course there are goblins.

Well, if you're looking for someone to unload the scarf on......I'd be willing to sacrifice......geez, just because it wasn't canary and blue? It's gorgeous!

They don't deserve the chulo.

Just that diamond? They match on the others or you no longer care? ;)
i agree. my younger son has read all the books (but not before me!), and was ok reading the book, so i let him see the movie. he was scared, but when i suggested we leave, he adamantly refused! he's 11 1/2, and is no stranger to death (we've had 5 family deaths in the last 5 years, and his foster grandfather passed away while they were living with my brother). i agree, though, this would have been over the top for any of the really little ones. granted, i don't think i'd let anyone under the age of 10 read any of them past chamber of secrets anyway. it's quite exciting & scary
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